How to Select the Right Field Service Management Software | ServicePower | Innovating Field Service

Consider the field service management software, the  people and your organization

When choosing field service management software, consider the software, people and the organization.  The right field service management solution will enhance ROI, daily operations and employee productivity. Here are the different factors that you may consider when choosing among the available field service management software suites.


Hands-off Customer Service Management Doesn’t Mean Unmanaged Strategy | ServicePower | Innovating Field Service

If there’s anything companies struggle to tame, it’s the customer experience. After all, the experience your customers have – especially when they have urgent issues and problems – drives their overall customer satisfaction. The explosion of everyday digital tools and communication channels has exponentially expanded the methods customers can use to contact you, commend you, mention your name, and relate their experience with you to a virtually unlimited number of people. Smart companies need to get behind the wheel to manage the customer experience and keep it on track for success.


4 Reasons to Consider Globalization Now, Not Later | ServicePower | Innovating Field Service

According to Webster’s Dictionary, globalization is the act, process or policy of making something worldwide in scope or application. Adobe’s globalization team has a slightly different interpretation, claiming that globalization refers to a broad range of engineering and business development processes necessary to prepare and launch products and company activities globally. Either way, globalization brings your organization, products, and services worldwide, helping you to grow and expand by delivering people goods and services that might just be missing from new markets.