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Just Like Al Green Sang, Let’s Stay Together – Our Customers Agree!

Just Like Al Green Sang, Let’s Stay Together – Our Customers Agree!

Al Green sang it, and we embrace it – “let’s stay together.”

It’s easy for a company to say it values its customers and it sees them as partners, rather than just another number and contributor to the revenue stream.

What’s harder – a lot harder – is to back up words like that with action and proof.

At ServicePower, each of us is dedicated to providing our customers with the absolute best field service management software in the business and the best service and support to complement the software. We truly do see our customers as our partners.

So how about some proof to back up those words?

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Here you go. 

The industry client customer lifetime average for SaaS companies is 7.7 years. The ServicePower average is 12 years, or 56% higher than average.

That number speaks volumes.

“Let’s stay together.”

That’s how we feel about our customers, and we think that’s how they feel about us.

We measure our success by our customers’ success. We love being part of their digital transformation, customer experience and operational improvements, and field service management success stories, even if we’re just in the background as an integral part of the transformation and improvement.

Customer longevity is one measure of our success. It shows we’re doing something right and our customers believe in us as well.

So what makes our customers stick around?

First and foremost, it’s the value our solutions provide. Our customers rely on our software and services to deliver exceptional experiences to their customers and improve operational efficiencies. We’re very much an extension of your brand. We help our customers look great in the eyes of their customers.

But there’s more. We develop strong relationships with our customers. Our client success and professional services teams take the time to understand their unique challenges and requirements, and work closely with them to ensure they’re getting the most out of our software.

Like Al Green says, “I’m so in love with you, whatever you want to do is all right with me.” We want our customers to feel the same way about us. We’re always there for them. Our goal is to create a partnership with our customers that lasts for years.

And we’ve been pretty successful at it.

Again, their success is ours.

We’re here for them.

“Let me be the one you come running to."

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