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Field Service Management Solutions Overview


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Solutions Overview

Schedule Optimization

Real-time AI-powered schedule optimization ensures you have the best field worker arrive at the right time with the right parts. Hundreds of constraints, such as field worker skill level, location, availability, and traffic conditions, are updated in real-time throughout the day to ensure the best possible outcome for your customer.

Mobile Access

Ensure your field employees are properly equipped with real-time access to the tools, processes, and information needed to deliver exceptional consumer experiences. Via their mobile device, field employees can easily access and manage parts, pricing, daily job schedules, and provide on-site payment processing and signature collection from the consumer.

customer self-service

Deliver a fully brandable self-service portal that lets your customers easily log on to schedule, reschedule, and cancel appointments at a time that is convenient for them. Customers have full visibility with real-time job status updates. The portal homepage can include upsell opportunities such as special deals and product banners.

work order management

ServicePower simplifies the typically complicated process of work order management with our easy to set up and simple to use solution. Automate routine tasks such as order creation, appointment search, booking, and more.

analytics & reporting

Get data-driven insights into your operations with advanced analytics and reporting tools. With easy-to-configure dashboards and reports that fit your unique business environment, you receive a full picture of your KPIs and find answers to your most complex field workforce questions.

contractor management

Quickly and easily vet, onboard, and manage field contractors, removing the complexity and expense of important contractor tasks. Seamless management of contracted workforces helps you guarantee the credibility of your workforce and scale quickly. 


Dispatch ensures the most qualified contracted field workers are dispatched by automatically assigning jobs based on your unique and most important criteria.

contractor reimbursement & warranty claims management

Access real-time, automatic payment adjudication along with built-in validation, auditing, invoicing, and rapid reimbursement to contractors. Our solution meets your unique warranty claims processing requirements and eliminates fraud and duplicate claims automatically, so only valid invoices are eligible for payment.

contractor network access

Network Access provides a network of over 2,000 experienced, highly-skilled service providers to help you meet seasonal demands or scale your business quickly. You receive access to the ServicePower premier network of contractors, allowing you to easily dispatch to the right field worker for every job, every time

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seemlessly integrates with your crm or erp

ServicePower’s field service management Workforce Connectors and open APIs seamlessly integrate with your ERP, CRM, and other information systems.

Our off-the-shelf connectors provide straight-forward data synchronization that delivers real-time updates for your customers and technicians. Alternatively, our open APIs allow you to configure customized connectors for real-time data synchronization.

ServicePower off-the-shelf connectors include: LG Electronics, GE Appliances, Whirlpool, A&E, Samsung, and Electrolux.

ServicePower is really helping us beginning to end, how we send and communicate service calls to our independent service providers.
Senior Director of Customer Care
With ServicePower, we have the best providers available when our customers need them, and continually drive improvement in our network through AI-based logic and real-time scheduling and warranty processing.
Field Service Operations and Strategy
LG Electronics USA
What I like about ServicePower is the ease of use and the focus on great outcomes. Their tools make the engineers lives easier and allow us to make promises to the customer that we are confident about keeping.
Group Service Director
BDR Thermea

Put a smile on your consumers' faces with quality service events.

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