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Warnings That Your Field Service Management System Isn’t Up to Par

Field Service Management has morphed into more than its humble roots. Technology has revolutionized the way field workers do their job. A job that was once all paperwork and diligent bookkeeping has catapulted itself into a tech-savvy organized system that works like clockwork- that is, if your company is doing it correctly.

If your company still finds itself with inconsistencies, unnecessary barriers to getting the job done and even loss of revenue, this could be a sign that your Field Service Management system is not up to par. 

Signs that your Field Service Management System Needs an Update

Mismanaged Project Management

Field service projects require complex planning. So many aspects are being put to work at the same time. Field service managers have to balance a lot of moving parts, and can get stuck asking themselves, does this technician have experience in this particular issue? Do we have the proper parts to fix this problem? Projects can sometimes need weeks of planning.  An inefficiency in planning can result in a delay of the project and even loss in labor time.

So what is the solution? An Intelligent Workforce Management System

An intelligent workforce management system achieves total control and accountability for service delivery through intelligent and dynamically defined business rules to leverage both a factory service and a third-party workforce. Having a single dashboard where the manager can have a holistic view of the project, such as materials needed, parts and equipment, time-on-site, and availability of field service workers allows for a simple and more streamlined process that can save you time and money. A mobility and inventory management system can enable field service technicians to deliver exceptional customer experience. Tools like this give field service technicians real-time access to tools, processes, and information they need to complete their service jobs on time. 

Invoicing Inconsistencies

Invoicing takes more than meets the eye. Technicians need to communicate the kind of service provided, along with customer details, inventory, time spent, and service details. There are many aspects of a job that need to be mentioned in an invoice. Doing this process over the phone or face-to-face can leave room for errors. Something as small as a misheard number or a forgotten inventory item can set the whole invoice back. 

So what is the solution? Streamlined FSM Data between Service and Accounting Departments

Automating details of work takes out the worry of inconsistencies in reporting. Not only will automating this process reduce errors, but it will also make the whole process faster. Having a field service management software improves customer satisfaction rates by 30%.  Delivering a seamless customer experience and keeping your technicians happy with on-time payments and less stressful invoicing procedures will better the invoicing experience all around. You can use this technology to improve your first-time fix rate and get satisfaction numbers up across the board.

Lack of Contractors

Does your company often find itself wearing thin when it comes to available technicians? Overwhelming technicians can make them feel unappreciated at work. Not to mention, the lack of availability could force customers to wait days or even weeks before they get a technician on-site to fix their problem. In addition, the graying of the U.S workforce has made a competition of full-time FSM technicians and FSM contractors extremely competitive. 

What is the solution? A Solid Contractor Management and On Boarding Process

You can deliver faster and smarter service with integrated third-party contractor management. Third-party contractors have become a crucial part of a modern field service management company's success. The “graying” of the U.S workforce is hitting the field service industry hard. In turn, the gig economy has forced companies to rethink how they structure and manage their workforce. There are endless benefits of contract workers and if your company has a system that can support their integration, you are going to have a much happier team and better customer service.

Lack of Customer Satisfaction

Is your customer satisfaction rate low? Do you find yourself offering refunds or having to talk a customer down over a dispute on delivery time? Customer satisfaction is imperative when it comes to a successful business. According to Salesforce research, 80% of customers say that the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services, with 57% reporting having stopped service with a company because a competitor provided a better experience.

So what is the solution? A Customer Portal

A customer portal is a digital self-service solution that brings choice and visibility to your customers. In the modern business market, a customer portal is no longer a special feature, it is a staple for any customer-centric solution. For instance, in the United States, 88% of customers expect brands to have an online self-service customer portal. There are many benefits to having a customer portal, including reducing costs, increasing visibility and expedited cash flow, improved customer communication, and enhancing customer experience and retention. 

As the world changes, Field Service Management must also change. By providing highly technical solutions, you are investing in the future of your company. 

Lack of Visibility

Does it take several emails or phone calls back and forth to understand one job? If answers are difficult to find, then your company is struggling with a lack of visibility. Having access to schedules, equipment, status of jobs and invoicing is integral in keeping a company up and running.

What is the solution? Better Reporting and Analytics

Increasing visibility and enabling data-driven decisions will transform a traditional field service organization into a modern tech-savvy system. Whether it is schedule optimization to maximize outcomes, or a workforce management system that can optimize field service workflows.

If you find your company struggling in any of these areas or more, you may need an update to your field service management system. By leveraging data, empowering your technicians and communicating clearly, your organization can continue to thrive in this more “virtual” world. See how an integrated FSM software can streamline your service department. 

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