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Field Service Management: What Makes ServicePower Stand Out

ServicePower is a leading provider of field service management software. Likewise, ServicePower has been recognized as a Visionary for the fifth time in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Field Service Management. With numerous competitors in the field service industry, this is no easy feat. So what makes ServicePower’s field service management software stand out? 

In this blog, we’ll cover some of the key aspects of ServicePower’s field service management suite that make it a top choice for field service organizations looking to transform their service experiences. 

ServicePower’s Field Service Management Suite 

Historically, field service management has suffered from siloed service experiences due to limited visibility into the full field service lifecycle. ServicePower’s software has transformed this outdated dynamic. With exceptional product depth, and comprehensive subcontractor ecosystems, ServicePower’s field service management suite seamlessly supports the full field service lifecycle. By breaking down the roadblocks of this traditionally siloed service experience, ServicePower enables field service organizations to deliver faster, smarter service. Let’s dig into the specific capabilities that make ServicePower’s software suite so desirable.

ServicePower’s Workforce Management Capabilities

With third-party contractors currently comprising 27% of the field service workforce, there is a significant need for blended workforce management in the field service industry. However, most field service management software is not cut out to service these diverse workforce models, reinforcing service siloes between employed and contracted technicians. That’s where ServicePower’s intelligent workforce management software comes in. 

ServicePower is purpose-built to seamlessly support multiple workforce models, including third-party, employed, and blended workforces, all in a single platform. With a dynamic rules engine, field service managers can customize service delivery rules to automate the intelligent routing of jobs across these workforces. This flexibility and customization empower stakeholders to maximize outcomes that align with their evolving business conditions, and it doesn’t end there. 

ServicePower’s Contractor Network

ServicePower’s intelligent workforce management solution allows for the custom utilization of factory service and third-party technicians. By gaining access to ServicePower’s contractor network of 4,000+ vetted independent contractors, service organizations can extend their service capacity to meet fluctuating demand, and access traditionally hard-to-service areas. In addition to ServicePower’s own contractor network, the intelligent workforce management software is also equipped with comprehensive contractor credentialing and contractor onboarding capabilities. By conducting extensive background checks, drug and health screening, and insurance and tax documentation, service organizations can rest assured that the service technicians representing them are capable of providing safe, high-quality, and efficient service. 

ServicePower’s Scheduling Optimization

Field service scheduling is notoriously complex, thanks to varying demand, customer geographies, and service types. Aligning the best service technician for each job in a timely manner can present a significant challenge, especially in extenuating circumstances like the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, simple mistakes in technician scheduling can create cascading and negative consequences, such as disruptions to customer retention and ROI. 

ServicePower’s scheduling optimization software is built for this challenge. By leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, ServicePower’s software takes the guesswork out of complex scheduling workflows. With workforce profiles for each technician, insights into parts inventory, job location, and more, field service organizations can ensure that the best technician, with the right parts and information, at the least cost, is always dispatched for the job within the least amount of time. In fact, ServicePower’s AI-driven scheduling has been shown to improve technician productivity by up to 68% more than manual or rule-based scheduling and cut scheduling costs by 15%. 

ServicePower’s Customer Portal

Providing a positive customer experience is a critical aspect of modern field service management. In fact, according to industry research, 80% of customers say that the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services, with 57% reporting having stopped service with a company because a competitor provided a better experience. Moreover,  88% of customers in the United States expect brands to have an online self-service customer portal. This means that field service organizations need to start providing a customer portal if they haven’t already, and it needs to be a customer portal that provides a flawless customer experience. 

ServicePower’s popular customer portal is just that. With full self-service capabilities, customers are empowered to take control of their own schedules, access real-time information about their appointments, and provide immediate feedback after job completion. The self-scheduling feature allows customers to confirm that appointments are accurate, reducing the need for rescheduling or canceling. Customers are also able to upload information including pictures and videos regarding their repairs, which helps technicians better understand the issue before their appointment, reducing first-time fix rates. Not to mention, ServicePower’s customer portal helps improve communication with real-time messaging and expedites cash flow with online payments.  


Overall, ServicePower’s exceptional product depth and comprehensive subcontractor ecosystems empower field service organizations to support the full field service lifecycle. With access to ServicePower’s high-quality contractor network, and the ability to service a blended workforce, organizations are given the flexibility they need to seamlessly meet fluctuating demand for services. Combined with AI-driven scheduling, and an intuitive customer portal, customers always receive the best service and customer experience possible. 

ServicePower’s software suite has helped numerous field service organizations transform their service experiences and exceed their customer’s expectations.

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