Schedule Optimization

Maximize technician productivity & efficiency using AI-based schedule optimization and consistently deliver a great customer experience

Schedule and Route Optimization

ServicePower’s Smart Scheduling module provides real-time optimization of your service schedule and routes using business driven constraints

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Improved Productivity & Reduced Cost

Improved Productivity & Reduced Cost

Improve efficiency with AI-based optimization, achieving higher productivity and less schedule cost than manual or rules-based solutions
Consistent Customer Outcomes

Consistent Customer Outcomes

Achieve consistent customer outcomes with higher schedule adherence, right parts, service information & technology to complete the job
Increased Visibility

Increased Visibility

Built-in mapping and live status updates with real-time alerts and instant communication allows for seamless status and location visibility

Product Capabilities

AI-Based Schedule Optimization
Real-TIme Route Optimization
Configurable Scheduling Contraints
Complex & Dependent Scheduling Based on Parts, Teams, etc.
Interactive Gantt for Service Operations
Support for Real-time or On-demand Optimization
Dynamic Inventory & Stock Update
Automatic Scheduling of Multiple Parts

Product Highlights

Technician Schedule View for Operations

Enhanced Visibility

View of technician schedules.

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Operations Map View

Map View

Real-time view of technician locations

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Service Operations Day View with Map

Gantt View

Real-time technician schedule with map locations

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Outlook Calendar View of Technician Schedule for Operations

Calendar View

Calendar-like technician service schedule

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Technician Utilization View

Resource View

Utilization view of technicians

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Uber like view for service operations and customers with ETA

Real-time Location View

Real-time map location view of technician

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