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How Smart Scheduling Can Boost Productivity by 68%

How Smart Scheduling Can Boost Productivity by 68%

Every service interaction your field service professionals participate in represents an investment in your company and in your customers. Your customers expect you to respond quickly, and they expect your technicians to arrive 100 percent prepared to fix the reported issue. 

If your workforce management team does not have access to advanced scheduling and workforce optimization tools, your company is missing out on huge benefits, including higher first-time fix rates and technician utilization. If you aren’t currently using scheduling optimization software, you should be.

Below, let’s explore a few of the benefits that field service scheduling software could bring to your field service organization.

You Can Use Your Workforce More Efficiently

In today’s field service industry, to provide a best in class service experience, speed and efficiency are critical. Inefficient and inaccurate scheduling will negatively affect customer reviews and your overall bottom line. Even the best-planned schedules change as jobs start or end slightly out of line from what was planned.

Your field service team must be able to do the following, more quickly and more efficiently than your competitor does: 

  • React quickly to accommodate service visits that go longer than anticipated
  • Manage customers with urgent problems
  • Navigate unexpected traffic
  • Adjust to customer cancellations
  • Handle many other challenges that can arise on the day of service

Being able to recapture or reduce lost scheduling minutes that add up at the end of the day is critical to maintaining system operational effectiveness.

The right scheduling solution organizes and structures job assignments to optimize capacity, enabling dispatchers to drive system ROI through prioritization and intelligent workflow management.

ServicePower’s Smart Scheduling provides real-time integration of real-time updates coming from the field, with traffic updates and intelligent schedule optimization. The speed with which the optimization works enables the instant reshuffling of a schedule, supporting features like truth-based, real-time appointment booking—without interrupting dispatchers. This also helps your field service organization gain back valuable time that adds up to hours of gained productivity each day.

Field Service Software Helps Your Team Resolve Customer Issues Faster

When you use integrated scheduling software, you have a clear and immediate view of technicians schedules, their current location, and the time they spend on each job. Automated notifications offer you visibility into technician travel times as well as arrival times and job completion status. Having access to this real-time technician data empowers management to quickly resolve issues and prevent excess costs.

The right scheduling solution should be able to seamlessly integrate all ERP activities. It should enable you to maximize your time by creating a master schedule and manage weekly schedule changes bridging the gap between scheduling, payroll, and invoices. scheduling information automatically updates into payroll and billing eliminates errors from manual or duplicate data entries and ensures accuracy.

You Can Update and Adjust Technician Schedules in Real-Time from a Mobile Device

Taking advantage of field service mobile capabilities lets you update and adjust technician schedules using a smartphone or other mobile devices. Using mobile capabilities, technicians are able to diagnose and resolve issues faster to provide a more accurate, personalized service experience. The result is better customer relations. Additionally, because you will be impressing and delighting customers throughout the whole customer lifecycle, your customer satisfaction and retention will improve. An effective scheduling solution goes beyond managing your workforce. It helps you tighten control over costs, build trust with your customers, and keeps your business running at high efficiency.

ServicePower’s Smart Scheduling solution is architected to handle the highest transactional volumes, without failing or batching jobs. It improves productivity through AI-based optimization, achieving up to 68 percent more productivity and 15 percent less schedule cost than manual or rules-based solutions. 

Workforce Management Software Improves the Overall Customer Experience

Providing great service and fulfilling contractual obligations starts with scheduling the right people, in the right place at the right time. You can do that with a scheduling solution that does more than allow you to make sure all shifts are covered. Your scheduling solution should include an integrated compliance tracking component, that will guarantee that any technician you schedule is qualified, credentialed and meets your customized during service and post service requirements. That goes a long way in building trust with your customers and reducing your risk.

ServicePower’s Smart Scheduling software offers flexible, configurable workforce management software that helps you capitalize on revenue opportunities that you've missed in the past. Our dispatching and scheduling features together with advanced optimization capabilities help organizations streamline and enhance field service, reduce costs and swiftly tap into service-related revenue opportunities.

A Smart Schedule Drives Higher Customer Satisfaction

The purpose of Smart Scheduling software is to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. New technologies like AI and optimization now enable service organizations to be much more precise in their dispatch functions. Smart scheduling lets you refine technician schedules based on equipment utilization, condition, and performance. Access to historical job performance data and help you achieve consistent customer outcomes, with higher schedule adherence, access to the right parts, service information, and technology to complete jobs more efficiently. Customers want results, availability, and job completion. They care about how quickly you service their product once it breaks and that the product works when the technician is done. What they expect is better service availability and less service time.

When you think of service availability and outcomes, remember that increasing customer satisfaction is the goal. Give your dispatch and field service teams the tools they need to exceed customer expectations. Smart scheduling technology can help you attain higher schedule adherence, improved economic output, and reduced maintenance actions, which leads to greater technician productivity and availability.

ServicePowers’s Smart Scheduling software provides a synergized, holistic field management solution that aligns dispatch operations, field service, management KPIs and technology. Our solution can you deliver responsiveness, increased productivity, and cost reductions while providing an unsurpassed customer experience.

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