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Is the Schedule Running your Techs into a Wall?

We all have heard the many Rights of Field Service. Right technician, right time, right customer. Much of this mindset is based on scheduling a technician to quickly and efficiently reach a customer site to turn a wrench. Field service is no longer this simple. Getting a technician to a customer is now just a starting point, new concerns must be addressed in order to deliver the level of service expected by customers.


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There is no doubt that the culture you create at your organization is what drives your employees to excellence, particularly when it comes to delivering the best customer service. But creating a powerful, effective culture starts with the hiring process. And hiring the right field technicians to be the heart of your organization is essential to your success.

Let’s start by examining the role of a field technician.


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We’ve all seen and heard references in popular culture—like the famous Seinfeld episode where Kramer gives the cable company a taste of its own medicine—to the frustration customers feel when technicians are late to a job or worse, don’t show up at all.

But as a field service manager you understand that when your technicians don’t arrive on time—no matter who is at fault—it costs your business precious time and money. For that reason, it might be time to invest in a mobile field service solution. Here’s how a comprehensive set of field service tools can get your operation running more smoothly: