Four Traits Every Field Technician Should Have | ServicePower | Innovating Field Service

There is no doubt that the culture you create at your organization is what drives your employees to excellence, particularly when it comes to delivering the best customer service. But creating a powerful, effective culture starts with the hiring process. And hiring the right field technicians to be the heart of your organization is essential to your success.

Let’s start by examining the role of a field technician.


Imagining the Future… A Day in a Connected Life (M2M Style) | ServicePower | Innovating Field Service

By Guest Blogger John Vaccaro

Here’s a short tale to illustrate how Machine to Machine communications and other technologies can be integrated to reduce service costs, improve the customer experience and provide additional services at little or no additional cost. Find our infographic on M2M and the connected field technician.

The dishwasher in the Smith household believes it has a problem. Model ZHX46A05UC/59 serial number QD830100451 (or 451 as she’s known by her home network) monitors the power usage and RPMs of her water pump as part of her component and environmental monitoring.