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Large Servicer Network

Large Servicer Network

Leverage over 40000+ active 3rd party service providers (Independent Service Contractors) that can receive Home Warranty service work through the ServicePower platform
Real-Time Adjudication Platform

Real-Time Adjudication Platform

Adjudicate claims in real-time using custom claim and audit logic. Improve claim processing speed and achieve fast reimbursements and payments to contractors
Effective Fraud Management

Effective Fraud Management

Built-in intelligent audit delivers the detective processes to discover and eliminate fraudulent claims, thereby reducing claims costs and preserving warranty reserves

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Industry Challenges

When it comes to Home Warranty, the customers want confidence, convenience, and good coverage. Home Warranty companies need to focus on underwriting and selling service contracts instead of managing technicians. So how do they provide customers with the confidence? They heavily rely on third-party administrators and servicers to provide the last leg of the service.
The third party administrators build and manage a network of vetted, quality 3rd party service professionals who can provide service, correctly, with one appointment. ServicePower has over 40000+ such active 3rd party service providers (Independent Contractors) that have can receive work through the ServicePower platform.
Also, once the service work is completed, the servicer must be paid for the work performed. The ServicePower Warranty Claims Management solution enables rapid processing of warranty claims can completely automate warranty claims processing and perform intelligent audits based on your business logic to reduce claim costs, stop fraud, protect warranty reserves.

Our Solutions

ServicePower delivers solutions for Home Warranty providers  such as AIG, HomeServe, and Guardsman with:

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“Our partnership with ServicePower is positive for customers because it makes repairs quick and easy to schedule and eliminates the hassle of scheduling service times.”

Ariel Gorelik EVP and CIO AmTrust

Industry Datasheet

ServicePower delivers solutions for Home Warranty providers such as AIG, HomeServe, and Guardsman with: