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IDC White Paper Highlights Trends in Field Service Management Market

“Field Service Excellence Drives Enhanced Customer Experiences and Outcomes,” a recently released IDC white paper sponsored by ServicePower, examines key trends in the evolving field service management (FSM) market. The report looked at the impact of changes within the field service workforce, technologies deployed, and the opportunities organizations can take.

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To gain insights on the disruptions impacting field service organizations (FSOs), IDC conducted a study of 200+ service and manufacturing companies across North America and Europe. 

A compelling insight uncovered in the white paper focused on how leading organizations – in particular, field service organizations -- around the globe realize the importance of exceptional customer experience as a powerful differentiator. Furthermore, FSOs who deploy a blended workforce of full-time and employees are often recognized as industry drivers in a fast evolving economic and customer landscape. 

Key Findings

The white paper uncovered a myriad of data and insights into field service workforces and trends impacting the industry.

Key white paper findings include:

  • Acceleration of blended service workforce is required to meet dynamic needs of the service operation. 
  • Quality work is key to field service excellence. 
  • The dynamic nature of service demand requires better planning and visibility. 
  • New field service models bring the customer experience to the forefront. 
  • Service transformation must be buoyed by service-specific technologies. 
  • Customer-facing metrics and customer enablement tools matter. 
  • Emerging technologies enable more than better scheduling of work. 

ServicePower’s blended workforce solutions can help your company drive many of these strategies while intelligently managing both employees and contracted service providers. Benefits include increased customer satisfaction, improved field service technician productivity, reduced costs, and more. 

Disruptions across industries and regional markets will be a constant, but service organizations can stay agile and informed by actionable data to make the right decisions at the point of service. A blended workforce that incorporates third-party contractors, combined with digital strategies, can help organizations increase productivity, quality, and customer satisfaction. 

Gain more strategic and actionable insights by downloading the full “Field Service Excellence Drives Enhanced Customer Experiences and Outcomes” report.

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