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Gas Stove Ban or Just a Mini-Panic? Either Way – Get your Field Ready

There’s nothing like a U.S. agency declaration – or even a hint of one – to ratchet up emotions and set people to thinking about their action plans.

In mid-December, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), an agency charged with protecting the public from dangerous household products, indicated that it will consider regulating indoor air pollution from gas stoves. Last week, Commissioner Richard L. Trumka Jr., said he had not ruled out a ban on the appliances, prompting the agency to pivot Wednesday and state it was not planning a ban.

As the Washington Post reported, “the flame was already lit.”

Ban or no ban – that’s not what we are here to weigh in on. We are thinking about the potential impact to field service management.

If there were a ban, it would almost certainly only apply to new residences and buildings. But the reality is that there are 40 million homes in the U.S. with gas stoves. And even without a ban, many people may choose to replace them for either environmental or health reasons. 

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Publications like The City, a digital platform serving New York City, told its readers that “if you have not worked with electricity and gas before, definitely call a professional to remove your stove and install a new one, and check to see what options there are for delivery and disposal of your old stove.”  

That could total a huge number of rip-and-replacements and a heavy toll for organizations involved with the servicing of those new installations. 

This is just the type of scenario that ServicePower’s real-time, AI-based schedule optimization and associated field service management tools were designed for. Numerous field workers covering numerous jobs, engaging with demanding consumers, with a need for visibility into the field activity.

With the potential for a big jump in work orders, organizations might be required to augment their employed workers with a contracted workforce to meet a surge in demand. Dispatching a high volume of jobs across a mixed workforce, ensuring the best technician is available for each and every job with the right parts, and quickly adapting to changing conditions “on the field” (weather problems, traffic problems, sick days, consumer cancellations) is no easy task.

ServicePower's schedule optimization software leverages AI technology to optimize your complex service schedules in real-time based on configurable, business-driven constraints. Combined with real-time route optimization, your field workers are set up for success every time.

The gas stove issue might blow over, or it might get white hot.

If you’re in charge of the installation, repair, and maintenance of stoves, a very busy season could be coming.

Be ready.

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