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Are You Utilizing Your Software for its True Purpose?

The age old phrase goes something like “stick to what you know.” In general, this refers to people, but it can also pertain to software as well. While from a productivity and order perspective, a one size fits all solution that covered all your operational bases would be perfect, the reality is that the one size fits all solutions frequently aren’t tailored for your specific business and customers are forced then to try to fit their business to the solution.

Here is why. Software developers and vendors create and develop what they know to fit a business need, the core software solution that they know is innovative, effective and solid. They then look to expand into other vertical and horizontal spaces, frequently with multiple languages and environments that must be learned and adapted to. However, the added complexity vendors must deal with to assimilate “fringe” products with their core software solution frequently decreases the “fit” of such fringe products to the customer’s need and flexibility to adapt to different business models. Even assuming the costs of integration, enterprises can achieve a better return on investment selecting software that is tailored for their need rather than trying to change their business to fit a one-size fits all solution.

Why Are Handpicked Solutions Therefore Your Best Bet?

  1. No organization is exactly alike. You want solutions that are going to mold to your operations and vision, not the other way around. By picking software that is going to directly address your organization’s unique concerns, goals, and future plans, you won’t be constantly battling your software for your identity. Tip: Just make sure any solution you pick integrates easily with your pre-existing software or future solutions. This means you want a solution with configurable apps, otherwise the backend needs to be developed which takes forever and costs more.
  2. You are getting the best bang for your buck. By picking vendors for what they are best at in the field, you are ensuring that you get the best ROI and utilization of the software possible. Additionally, on the whole, organizations work in departments, not a trickle down hierarchy. So why would you complicate things even more by having a blanket solution when your organization doesn’t even work that way.
  3. You aren’t biting off more than you can chew. Or, in other words, why would you buy an expensive Swiss Army knife when all you need is a pair of tiny scissors? With packaged software solutions, you end up using only a portion of the full solution, so you end up paying more for something you aren’t even using effectively. You might as well be flushing dollar bills down the toilet (figuratively of course!). While upfront costs of buying separate solutions (one for CRM, one for ERP, one for FSM, one for MEAP, you get the picture…) may be more, you will be saving in the long run on ROI and upkeep.

So What Software Should I Be Implementing For What?

Your best bet is to find specific solutions for the various elements of your business:

  • A stand-alone ERP product that integrates well with other solutions
  • A CRM that works intuitively with FSM software (like ServiceScheduling from ServicePower)
  • A parts logistics software that can work across your entire organization while taking into account a variety of needs and volumes.
  • A mobile application that supports multiple device deployment, as well as supports integration to back office data and facilitates a completely mobilized end to end business process (to improve first time fix rates).
  • A business intelligence solution which enables users to quickly analyze data, collected from across the field service operation, to continuously improve operations

The key is to find a powerful product that fits your needs and goals, offers a good user experience, and integrates with other solutions to provide you with optimal efficiency without sacrificing standards.

ServicePower provides your organization with a global, mobile, best-in-class field service management solution. Manage the field service division of your organization with peace of mind knowing that everything from dispatch to street level routing to onsite customer billing is not just being handled, it is being fully optimized. Most importantly, ServicePower’s field management platform was built to help enable and boost the rest of your business through easy integration and applications. We want you to feel like your solution is custom tailored to fit you like a glove. For more information how ServicePower’s solution can help your organization, visit us HERE.

Software solutions are like puzzle pieces. When they are put together correctly they make a beautiful picture, or in your case, a well-oiled machine. Just make sure you are using your software for its true purpose. Otherwise you may be wasting time and money without even knowing it. Optimal efficiency should be your goal, it we want to help you achieve it.

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