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Just as the mobile device market has begun to flatten, another technological trend is just breaking into the market; wearable technology. Once just a cool concept, wearable technology such as Google Glass (smart glasses) and Fitbit (smartwatch) is an actual reality. In February of this year, research firm Canalys states that wearable technology is set to become a “key consumer technology” this year. They also predict that smart wristbands will grow from 8 million this year to 23 million in 2015. Though primarily consumer focused at the moment, wearable technology shows promise in the field service industry. But with organizations still trying to get their heads around mobility and all that it demands (policies, mobile device management, data strategies, etc.), is wearable technology in field service’s near future?


5 Ways M2M Will Change the Field Service Industry | ServicePower | Innovating Field Service


Field Service M2M

You have probably heard of M2M like you have the Internet of Things, one of those buzzwords that has taken the tech world by storm declaring itself the “next big thing” from a technological perspective.And perhaps it is. But the concept of M2M, just like artificial intelligence, has been around for years. At its core, M2M is merely the ability for one device to communicate with another. Remember Samsung’s big anti-iPhone commercials that emphasized the tap-to-share feature on the Galaxy? That is M2M (one phone communicating with another). Home security systems that can be controlled by a smart phone app are another example of M2M.