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Field service has always taken a reactive approach to addressing issues and garnering customers. When a customer needs electricity or cable or an appliance needs servicing, they are expected to reach out and contact the respective company. The same goes for if something goes wrong.

In order for an organization to fully optimize their workforce, an essential for ensuring higher profit margins and larger competitive edge, they look to increase efficiencies and reduce costs. But there is a ceiling to how much you can improve your efficiency if your system is completely based on a reactive approach.


Imagining the Future… A Day in a Connected Life (M2M Style) | ServicePower | Innovating Field Service

By Guest Blogger John Vaccaro

Here’s a short tale to illustrate how Machine to Machine communications and other technologies can be integrated to reduce service costs, improve the customer experience and provide additional services at little or no additional cost. Find our infographic on M2M and the connected field technician.

The dishwasher in the Smith household believes it has a problem. Model ZHX46A05UC/59 serial number QD830100451 (or 451 as she’s known by her home network) monitors the power usage and RPMs of her water pump as part of her component and environmental monitoring.


The Future of a Connected Field Technician | ServicePower | Innovating Field Service

The concept of M2M didn’t sprout up recently, in fact, in one form or another, machine to machine communication existed prior to the cellular movement. Then in 1995, M2M via cellular communication started. Somewhere down the line people realized that bringing information back from the field was a REALLY good idea. Early adopters of M2M technologies such as General Motors and Hughes Electronics Corporation realized that using machine to machine in point of sale terminals, remote monitoring, vehicle telematics, and tracking applications had huge business and financial benefits. Today, ServicePower aims to take M2M to the next level, in order to provide field service organizations with the most visible field operations and the most accurate business intelligence possible.


Strategic relationship with Bosch Software Innovations | ServicePower | Innovating Field Service

ServicePower (AIM: SVR), a market leader in field management, announces a new relationship with Bosch Software Innovations to enhance ServicePower’s Machine to Machine (M2M) Connected Services offering.


5 Ways M2M Will Change the Field Service Industry | ServicePower | Innovating Field Service


Field Service M2M

You have probably heard of M2M like you have the Internet of Things, one of those buzzwords that has taken the tech world by storm declaring itself the “next big thing” from a technological perspective.And perhaps it is. But the concept of M2M, just like artificial intelligence, has been around for years. At its core, M2M is merely the ability for one device to communicate with another. Remember Samsung’s big anti-iPhone commercials that emphasized the tap-to-share feature on the Galaxy? That is M2M (one phone communicating with another). Home security systems that can be controlled by a smart phone app are another example of M2M.