Imagining the Future… A Day in a Connected Life (M2M Style) | ServicePower | Innovating Field Service

By Guest Blogger John Vaccaro

Here’s a short tale to illustrate how Machine to Machine communications and other technologies can be integrated to reduce service costs, improve the customer experience and provide additional services at little or no additional cost. Find our infographic on M2M and the connected field technician.

The dishwasher in the Smith household believes it has a problem. Model ZHX46A05UC/59 serial number QD830100451 (or 451 as she’s known by her home network) monitors the power usage and RPMs of her water pump as part of her component and environmental monitoring.


Strategic relationship with Bosch Software Innovations | ServicePower | Innovating Field Service

ServicePower (AIM: SVR), a market leader in field management, announces a new relationship with Bosch Software Innovations to enhance ServicePower’s Machine to Machine (M2M) Connected Services offering.


Understanding the Field Service Organization | ServicePower | Innovating Field Service

Today, dozens of field service organizations and field service vendors gather in sunny Palm Springs, CA for Field Service USA, an event designed to provide service and support executives with best practice strategies, education, and inspiration to help them achieve their goals for 2014 and beyond. As a part of this great event, we starting thinking about field service organizations, and the challenges they face on a daily basis.


Boosting Field Service Safety with the Right Tools | ServicePower | Innovating Field Service

Unlike a comfy office job, field service technicians face dangers and hazards on the job all the time. The work they do is so important, but sometimes very dangerous. Whether it’s the risks involved with being on the road for more time than most, or the perils of the most high risk field service jobs like servicing wind turbines or oil rigs, the job comes with its share of safety concerns. Keeping your field technicians safe is obviously your number one priority. However, are you able to take full advantage of the tools available to make this happen?


Time is Money: Are Your Field Service Technicians Wasting Time? | ServicePower | Innovating Field Service

We’ve all seen and heard references in popular culture—like the famous Seinfeld episode where Kramer gives the cable company a taste of its own medicine—to the frustration customers feel when technicians are late to a job or worse, don’t show up at all.

But as a field service manager you understand that when your technicians don’t arrive on time—no matter who is at fault—it costs your business precious time and money. For that reason, it might be time to invest in a mobile field service solution. Here’s how a comprehensive set of field service tools can get your operation running more smoothly: