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Boosting Field Service Safety with a Field Service App

Unlike a comfy office job, field service technicians face dangers and hazards on the job all the time. The work they do is so important, but sometimes very dangerous. Whether it’s the risks involved with being on the road for more time than most, or the perils of the most high-risk field service jobs like servicing wind turbines or oil rigs, the job comes with its share of safety concerns. Keeping your field technicians safe is obviously your number one priority. However, are you able to take full advantage of the tools available to make this happen?

Boosting Field Service Safety with a Field Service App

When people think about field service management software, they usually think about business benefits like increased efficiency and productivity and lower costs. But a field service app can also help keep your field service technicians safe, particularly as technology advances and FSM solutions grow to adopt these new technologies.

One of the ways that field service management solutions can help ensure the safety of your field resources is by making sure that they are sent to jobs they are qualified to do; with the right information and the right equipment to complete them. Optimized scheduling ensures that when techs are sent out on a call, they have the right training and proper equipment to complete the job safely and effectively.

Optimized scheduling and mobile solutions for the field also take compliance into consideration. Parameters and constraints can be set to ensure the field service technicians only work the prescribed number of hours a week, as goes with travel time and exposure to certain high-risk jobs like servicing cell towers, oil rigs, or electrical lines. With built-in automation, guesswork is taken out of the equation, which ensures that you are staying compliant with employee safety regulations at all times, without suffering from gaps or reduced performance.

Mobile field service solutions that are device-agnostic, like ServiceMobility, can also help keep technicians safe. New hands-free technology like Google Glass and smartwatches allow field technicians to stay hands-free in route and on the job, helping to keep them safe. A mobile field service solution that works with these devices can give technicians remote diagnostic and repair support, route information, or even link them to a colleague. This helps a tech to complete a job both safely and efficiently.

Field Service Safety Helps With Retention

Research has shown that the rate of accidents inside a company directly impacts the rate of employee turnover. Field service safety is directly related to employee retention. It can cost 150 percent or more of an individual’s annual salary to replace a full-time employee. Keeping your field technicians safe will ultimately contribute to their happiness on the job and employee retention.

The bottom line for any field service organization is that a culture that places a premium on employee safety must be cultivated over time. Mobile field service software can play a big part in making technicians feel safe and increasing the chances that they stick around over time.

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