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Streamline Your Contractor Expense Reimbursement Process

Streamline Your Contractor Expense Reimbursement Process

The gig economy is transforming how businesses operate, and many companies are now relying on a blended workforce of both employees and contractors. Contractors bring flexibility and expertise, but their varied roles complicate reimbursement processes. If your business doesn’t have a streamlined strategy to track and approve expenses, you can end up wasting resources and frustrating contractors.

The solution is to establish leverage digital technology to streamline your contractor expense reimbursement policy. 

Read on to learn more about the essential elements of an effective digital contractor expense reimbursement strategy to transform your processes, keep your contractors engaged, and drive business success.


Why Is Efficient Contractor Expense Reimbursement Important?

Managing contractor expenses is more than just an accounting task. It affects your overall operational efficiency and contractor relationships. Establishing a robust digital system for expense reimbursement offers the following benefits:

  • Ensures timely payment: Contractors receive prompt compensation for their out-of-pocket expenses, keeping them motivated and loyal.
  • Reduces administration costs: Efficient digital processes cut down on the time manufacturers, insurers, warranty firms, and contractors have to dedicate to managing paperwork.
  • Maintains strong relationships: A user-friendly digital reimbursement system and streamlined procedures builds trust, strengthening the relationship between you and your contractors.
  • Boosts customer satisfaction: When claims are processed quickly and payments are made on time, your contractors can dedicate more of their time and energy to delivering top-notch service and support. 

Understanding the Contractor Expense Reimbursement Process

The digital expense reimbursement process involves:

  • Completing the warranty repair job: The contractor diagnoses the issue impacting the product or system, determines whether the warranty applies, then orders any parts necessary, before finally performing the repair. All work and parts used must be properly documented for the reimbursement claim.
  • Submitting the claim for reimbursement: Once the job is complete, the contractor gathers the work order, invoice, and receipts for any parts used. These details are entered into your online claims system. The contractor can monitor the status of the submitted claim and follow up as needed.
  • Receiving and verifying the claim: Submitted claims are then automatically reviewed to ensure all required documents are provided and details are accurate. The warranty status of the product or system is then verified, and the claim is checked for duplications or other potential issues.
  • Processing the claim and issuing payment: The payment is calculated based on the labor rates and parts reimbursement policies. If approved, the agreed-upon payment is made to the contractor by check, electronic funds transfer, or other means. If it does not meet the automatic approval criteria, it is flagged for further investigation by one of your personnel.

What Does Contractor Expense Reimbursement Not Include?

Expense reimbursement aims to cover the direct costs of materials, labor, and parts involved in completing repairs. It does not include operational expenses for running the contractor's overall business. The following should not typically be reimbursed:

  • Expenses associated with traveling to job sites, such as air or ground transportation, lodging, and meals
  • Office overheads like supplies, utilities, or rent for the contractor's business premises
  • Communication costs for phones or data connections incurred while working onsite


Why Traditional Contractor Expense Reimbursement Can Be Difficult

Traditional reimbursement methods rely on manual processes like physical documentation being collected and mailed in. Contractors or AP staff may be required to follow up via phone, email, or other channels for clarifications or status updates. This approach comes with the following disadvantages:


1. Slow Processing Times

With manual tasks like data entry and verification, claims take time to process. Any delays in communication or required approval further extend the time to complete a reimbursement and makes payment cycles longer than ideal for contractors.


2. Possible Errors and Other Issues

Verifying details and coverage becomes more challenging if claim documentation is incomplete or inaccurate. Without automated validation and auditing, undetected errors may slip through. Spotting and preventing potentially fraudulent claims may also be harder without the right technology.


3. Difficulty in Tracking and Managing Claims

Having data separated across multiple siloed systems limits transparency and makes it difficult to know where individual claims are at any given time or track overall progress. Siloed systems also constrain reporting abilities and analytics for extracting insights.


What Are the Benefits of Automated Contractor Expense Reimbursement?

Using a digital solution for contractor expense reimbursement offers numerous potential advantages to your business over manual methods. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Faster processing and payment times
    Contractors can instantly submit claims online through an easy-to-use portal. Data validation and eligibility checks happen automatically in real time, giving back the hours wasted on tasks like data entry and processing.
  • Automated adjudication and approval processes
    The portal can automatically approve claims that meet specified rules and criteria. If there are any disputes the automatic system cannot resolve, it will intelligently route and assign claims to the appropriate department and employee. 
  • Reduced risk of fraud and errors
    Integrated auditing and validation features help detect duplicate or invalid submissions. The system's real-time verification of data against policies ensures accuracy and compliance, enhancing protection against inaccuracies, fraud, or other problems.
  • Automated compliance with warranty requirements
    Systems track and ensure alignment with all policies on labor rates, parts reimbursement, and coverage terms to avoid under or overpayments.
  • Improved contractor satisfaction and loyalty
    Accelerated payment cycles will improve your contractors' cash flow. They will also benefit from a streamlined filing and update process, leading to enhanced satisfaction and allegiance over the long term.
  • Simplified Claim Submission Process
    Contractors are provided with an intuitive web-based portal for claim filing, where data population and validation happen automatically. The portal also provides real-time status updates and communication, cutting down on follow-ups and hassle. 
  • Enhanced visibility and control for manufacturers
    Your administrators gain full visibility into the status of all claims in real-time. Alerts for key milestones or exceptions enhance coordination and contractor communication when needed. 
  • Detailed reporting and analytics capabilities
    Customizable reports and dashboards provide insights and analytics capabilities for your business. Data analysis helps you identify claim trends, patterns, and anomalies.


Contractor Expense Reimbursement with ServicePower

Field service technicians are increasingly opting to supply their services only as contractors. The current market is estimated to include 10 to 15 million contractors in the US alone. This situation, combined with an aging workforce and lack of younger workers, means attracting and retaining top contractor talent must be a high priority. A streamlined and efficient expense reimbursement process is one sure way to attract and retain top contractors over the long-term.

ServicePower’s field service management solution is specifically designed to help manage contractors or blended workforces.

The ServicePower platform offers the following benefits to you and your contractors:

  • A web portal for real-time claim submission and tracking
  • Automated adjudication and payment processing 
  • Configurable rules and audit parameters
  • A user-friendly, mobile-responsive interface 
  • Secure data transmission and storage
  • 80% increase in automation, resulting in faster payment approvals
  • 25% reduction in overall payment cycle time
  • 50% increase in payment processing efficiency

Get started today by scheduling a demo of SevicePower’s web-based claims portal. 

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