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Mobile Done Right: Remote Workers and the Customer Experience

There are some reading this who might not remember when the term "Customer Service" was merely a byword, a side note or option for business operations. Not that it was ever considered a bad idea, it was just never quite the difference-maker it is today. Technology can be thanked for that.

Customer service has now morphed into something more, better known as the Customer Experience. We can also thank technology for that...

A Better Customer Experience

Technology has done incredibly amazing and good things for humanity as a whole, no need to list these known facts. It has, however, developed within our culture a not-so-positive trait, impatience. Technology is why our customers want answers, now. It is why they want it fixed, now. It is the impetus behind our customer expectations. Even our own, right?

For your business and companies everywhere, that creates an opportunity. Imagine the appreciation and loyalty earned from a customer when your employee arrives to save the day. That telecommunications representative keeps the meeting from being cancelled. The personable security expert calms your client's nerves and explains why the alarm was set off.  

The number of areas where coordinating, delivering and serving a customer with a technology empowered field service agent are endless. Insurance agents, health providers and even retail representatives can enhance the customer experience with mobile options.

Beyond the Call

This type of customer care, this kind of customer experience will pay dividends well beyond that call too. Your customers will feel better about who you are and are more likely to speak well of your business. With the impact of social media, blogs and the like, the power of word-of-mouth has never been greater.

When this type of service becomes the standard for your business, a reputation is created that will also be a result of delivering these types of customer experiences. There is more to business and smart technology than just financial success though...

When the Customer Experience Counts

What if that security call was an actual emergency? What if there was a gas leak and waiting one week to have an inspector on-site would have been too long?

Not every call is a crisis, an emergency or time sensitive issue but when it is? That is when the customer experience counts, when delivering fast and capable field services with remote workers matters. 

That doesn't mean that giving your customers the best possible experience doesn't does.

The Golden Rule

Call it customer service or the customer experience, either way it is still the golden rule regardless of how businesses word it. "Treat others the way you would like to be treated" (or any of the other thousand variations), that is the foundation of service.

Before technology made mobility so capable and effective, it was around-the-clock customer support. Today, we put a face and a body on our company and knock on the door with representative. We show up with a smile and a handshake, just the way we would like to be treated.

Remote Technology Shines

The reason that customers are so happy with the level of service availed through field service representatives is yet another accolade for technology. With the power and remote capabilities afforded using remote technologies, there is little to nothing that can't be accomplished.

Information, access and remote processing capabilities make nearly every required function a real possibility in countless situations for a growing number of industries.

Your customers will be impressed and get the service and experience they have come to expect in today's world. Your employees will feel good about themselves and about helping the customer - and this is the kind of experience companies can expect when mobile is done right.

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