Workforce Management Software is your business’ partner that works 24/7, 365 days a week and ensures you have the right people in the right places with the right tools.

It’s hard to manage a fleet of service professionals manually. With call offs, schedule delays, traffic and more it’s near impossible to maintain the level of service your customers expect without workforce management software.

ServicePower’s workforce management software increases your first-time fix rate, reduces mean time on job, delights your customers, reduces inventory inaccuracies and cuts costs with continually optimized, automated scheduling.

workforce management software ganttOur workforce management software provides:

  • Web based workforce management software
    • Central data repository for all field worker profile attributes including skills, local knowledge, shift patterns, planned time off, administrative tasks, vacation, recurring tasks, contact Info, etc.
  • Real-time job interface
    • The dispatcher or field manager’s view of current and future scheduled jobs
    • Drag-and-drop jobs or request the ‘best candidates’ in exceptional cases where a job must be interactively moved
  • Optimized appointment booking and real time dynamic scheduling
    • Patented, Proprietary Simulated Annealing Process
    • In memory, precalculated travel
    • The core scheduling engine supporting schedule policies to meet your business need
  • Workforce Management Software Planning and Forecasting
    • Graphical territory planning tool
    • Plan and assign territories on a map using layering technology
    • Strategically plan capacity of the business
  • Human factor modeling
    • Testing of alternative data set up in a non-production environment
    • Model Scheduling data changes in a non-production environment
    • Ensures supply of service resource matches service demand
  • Operational reports to understand performance in workforce management software
    • Capacity
    • Productivity
    • Customer Service
    • Jeopardy Jobs
    • Audit

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