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What do you care about IoT and M2M?

The internet of things? What is it anyway? Everyone seems to be talking about it from analysts to manufacturers to my neighbors with their brand new car.

It’s wonderful, that’s what it is! The "the Internet of Everything, IoE", as it’s referred to by Cisco, impacts all facets of our daily lives, whether you realise it or not.

I’m based in Europe which seems to be a bit farther along on connected/smart technology. Right now, I can manage my home’s heating from my Smart phone, and maintain my car easily since it sends alerts when a service call is needed. My fridge keeps track of what my wife needs to buy at the grocery store.  There are charging stations for electric cars and motorcycles, and even sensors to check whether a rubbish bin needs to be emptied. My favorite ‘you would never think of it’ example is using sensors to monitor cattle in massive ranches in Europe and the Western USA.

In field service, the benefits of IoT and M2M are becoming more important every day.  From security, utilities, facilities management, IT, telecoms, and ‘smart cities’ (including parking and lighting management) to smart, connected homes, the evolution is enormous. For instance:

  • 75 billion devices are expected to be connected by 2020, according to Morgan Stanley
  • Google pays $3.2B for smart thermostat and smoke alarm maker Nest Labs - TheTechnology Review
  • Mobile networks can provide manufacturers with a flow of data indicating how a product is working and how it is being used, making M2M both a service and a marketing tool - The Times Raconteur

It’s significantly important for field service organizations. M2M Connected Services and Smart Scheduling, ServicePower’s latest innovations to our product suite, enable the field service organisation to take advantage of the technological advancement that M2M and the IoT provide. Leveraging the new technology, FSOs can:

    • Improve triage
  • Quickly identify necessary parts
  • Track inventory
  • Initiate automated  intelligent dispatch events
  • Conduct remote monitoring and diagnostics
  • Gain greater visibility of assets in the field
  • Reduced asset down-time
  • Lower cost per fix (starts to facilitate an easier transition from reactive maintenance to preventative maintenance)
  • Provide faster response time
  • Execute higher first-time fix rate (triage and diagnostics done by sensors)
  • And, most importantly, evolve to a conditional scheduling, preventative maintenance model, which retains customers, improves and maintains customer satisfaction and preserves revenue!

As we continue to invest in and innovate our product suite, as well as extend out partner ecosystem, we are very focused on developing new service models that combine M2M data with service history and component accelerated life time test data to make this model a reality.

In addition to our scheduling algorithms, acknowledged as the best optimisation technology for both large and small to medium field serviced operations, we can now profile equipment and applications to enable us to predict failure and triage equipment in advance of the failure, preventing catastrophic downtime that impact customers for long periods of time. We refer to this functionality as conditional scheduling. It will drive real value for field service organisations and is something none of our competitors can do.

One of our global clients is investing M2M Connected Services and Smart Scheduling technology right now for use in smart vending and ticket machines. Another is using both to manage facilities in Europe. The uses and benefits of IoT and M2M are truly limitless!

Smart Scheduling and M2M Connected Services are more than collecting sensor data. They provide our clients the ability to collect and use M2M data to transform and evolve a field service operation, while also providing a configurable, intelligent mechanism to manage multiple labor channels when needed. We do more than just listen to the sensor outage data and then reactive. Smart Scheduling Broker enables the field service organisation to know and fix an issue before it happens, with employees or contractors!

Read our whitepaper, Smart Scheduling Broker, Revolutionising M2M Connected Services and Conditional Scheduling, to find out how we can help you dive into the Internet of Everything, and evolve your field service organisation!

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