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The Drive to Be Better Starts With Your Customers

One of the most important lessons in business is that it waits for no one. Building and defending competitive advantage, raising the effectiveness of teams, making continuous improvement should not just be a phrase, but a way of life. This is what is required to be successful in business in this day and age, whether as a person, a management team or as a company.

But how do we continually drive excellence, as individuals, members of a team, or as a company as a whole? What is it that makes us strive to achieve new things, to better ourselves, to meet new challenges head on? In my experience, excellence comes from being surrounded by inspiration and constructive criticism. As a company, you can enable your employees to be the best of the best by fostering a culture that breeds creativity, hard work, and ultimately success. By providing your team with the resources they need, continued education, incentives, and constructive criticism you create a working environment that generates productivity, and results. However, you first must understand what your employees need, in order to execute on this.

We also have to look at what our solutions or applications offer to our customers in the same way. ServicePower excels in our ability to understand the different business rules or processes within a business. During the implementation process, we partner with our customers to help them achieve KPIs and company goals that drive the bottom line (profitability) by maximizing productivity, minimizing cost and more with our solutions. However, we as a software provider have to understand that the day after we leave, our customer's business might be changing. The days when a software company could implement an application and just provide basic support thereafter are over, with the exception for the very basic SAAS solutions.

In order to drive the competitiveness and ultimate success of our customers, we have to be the partner that is providing or training their SMEs, reviewing what processes might be able or need to be changed on an ongoing basis, and to show the users of our software how they have control to drive the value out of the solution. In that sense, ServicePower’s mission isn’t just to provide a temporary band aid to a field service problem, we aim to educate and support field service organizations on all aspects of their business delivery, from hiring to BI, to get them the results that will give them a competitive edge and more market share.

The ethos that I have brought to my personal life and businesses both private and public are this - that we must be driven to always be better. However, this mission cannot be self-serving, or it will not produce success. As a company, it is our goal to not only see financial success, but to help facilitate the success of each of our customers as well. By acting as a partner to our customers, we are not only selling them a solution, we are at their side as well, helping them to defend or build their competitive advantage in their industries, just as I am working to do that here at ServicePower.

Let’s start a conversation about how a partnership with ServicePower can benefit your field service organization. We are invested in your future. Contact us today at to learn more.

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