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Field Service Mobility Solutions

Field Service Mobility Solutions

Field service professionals are often faced with changing and complex problems. Accessing critical information in real time can be the difference between a successful service job and a failed one. However, not all software solutions are able to provide accurate information exactly when and where technicians need it. In order to provide fast and efficient service that exceeds customer expectations, technicians need mobility software that they can access on the go. 

In this blog, we’ll cover the basics of mobility software, explain the top benefits, and outline the most important features to look for in a solution. 

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What is mobility software?

Mobility software is a software application that allows users to access data and services across multiple devices, including a mobile phone, tablet, or computer. Not all field service software is mobility software, but all of the best field service software is. That’s because technicians need to conduct business on the go, and therefore must be able to access customer data, parts and inventory, and service information on a variety of devices. 

What is field service mobility?

Field service mobility is a type of field service software that functions seamlessly across mobile devices, tablets, and computers. Powered by the cloud, all of this data is protected by encryption, preventing sensitive information from being stolen or accessed by malicious users. While this cloud data is protected against attackers, it is made available for authorized users such as leadership, field service technicians, and customers. Likewise, field service mobility is beneficial for a variety of users that need to see job information, resource utilization, scheduling or even request service. With the ability to tap into this field service software from any device, authorized users can access critical information whether they are in the office, at home, or in the field. 

Field service mobility is an integral part of a modern field service company by empowering technicians with information enablement. With access to real-time customer information, parts and inventory, and service data, technicians are set up to administer fast and efficient service. 

Mobile field service software also allows customers to request service, upload job information, communicate with technicians, and provide feedback across multiple devices. Likewise, mobility is key to providing a positive customer experience. Read on to learn the top benefits of using mobility software in the field service industry.  

What are the benefits of mobility software in the field service industry?

Accurate, Real-Time Information

Working off of assumptions or outdated information is not a strong service strategy. Customers have little patience for mistakes that could have easily been avoided, and redundant service jobs are a waste of time, resources, and money. The best way to avoid these costly mistakes is to use mobility software that provides accurate and real-time information. 

By integrating self-service scheduling, dispatching, inventory management, route optimization, messaging, and reporting, mobility software gives all parties access to the information they need to succeed. The more timely details customers can explain about an issue, the better technicians can prepare to troubleshoot the problem. Likewise, the more information that technicians can learn about a particular job, the better service they can provide. With accurate knowledge of the exact problem, the availability of the necessary inventory, and optimized scheduling and dispatching, technicians are enabled to complete service jobs on the first try, every time.  

Empowered Customer Service

Modern customers expect a seamless and digital customer experience without analogue components. This means scheduling appointments online, not on the phone. It also means uploading media about the service issue instead of describing it, as well as communicating with technicians and providing feedback virtually. With a self-service customer portal, users can request service online, upload relevant media, track technician ETAs, and message technicians in real time regarding service. After service is completed, they can fill out customer surveys directly on their mobile devices, tablets, or computers. 

Mobility software with a self-service customer portal empowers customers to create the digital experience they desire, and it pays off. In the United States, 88% of customers expect brands to have an online self-service customer portal. Further, 65% of customers say they would become long-term customers if the company provided a positive experience throughout the customer journey. By investing in field service mobility software with a self-service customer portal, companies can attract and retain customers, driving short-term and long-term success. 

Improved Collaboration

With a shortage of skilled labor in the field service industry, accessing experienced technicians is harder than ever for many field service companies. Less experienced workers require more assistance, which makes collaboration critical for resolving complex service issues. However, often there are not enough senior technicians to guide novices through troubleshooting in person, making virtual collaboration the most effective solution. Thankfully, mobility software makes virtual assistance possible.

Mobility software enables novice technicians to collaborate with experts via chat and video. This allows less experienced workers to tap into the knowledge of industry professionals, without the extra cost of labor and resources. Not to mention, mobility software with Augmented Reality (AR) enables novice and experienced technicians to overlay 3D parts information and detailed instructions directly into their real-world environment. This ensures that complex service issues can be resolved in a timely manner, regardless of the technician’s initial understanding. 

Optimized Operations

Field service mobility software significantly improves service operations. Field service leaders are given visibility into all aspects of the business, from anywhere, at any time. AI-driven analytics provide actionable insights into resource utilization, demand forecasting, and opportunities for improvements. Data-driven decision-making helps companies identify and implement strategies that grow operational efficiencies and maximize time to ROI. 

Traditionally complex and error-prone processes like scheduling and dispatching are automated to result in the most optimal service possible. Empowered technicians are more productive, and customers with better service are happier. Likewise, field service mobility is revolutionizing the industry, and will be a key differentiating factor in the competitive market moving forward. 

Choosing a Field Service Mobility Solution

When investing in field service mobility software, you want to select the best solution for your unique business needs. And, you can identify these needs by asking a few strategic questions: Are you currently managing or planning to manage a blended workforce with both W2 and 1099 contractors? Do you need access to a certified contractor network to augment your workforce? How do you onboard and train technicians? What type of customer service is important for your organization? Is remote service a priority for your organization? Identifying your most unique pain points will help guide your selection, however, there are also some general best practices to keep in mind. 

In general, you want a solution to be easy to implement and use, be cost-efficient, increase productivity, and facilitate a positive customer experience. The following key features help satisfy these best practices. 

Key Features to Look for:

How ServicePower Provides a Unique Value 

ServicePower is a leading field service mobility provider, with proven experience maximizing time to ROI. Our popular self-service customer portal has been recognized for delivering seamless and unique customer experiences. With a certified network of contractors and the ability to manage a blended workforce, our solution is perfect for organizations looking to meet fluctuating demand for services in a tight labor market.  Our AI-driven scheduling and dispatching ensures the best technician is always available, while real-time inventory management and AR capabilities make sure they have the parts and information they need to finish the job on the first try. 

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