Business Intelligence

Make informed decisions and improve business performance through the smart use of data and analytics

Transform Data Into Real-World Intelligence

Optimization through iteration. ServicePower Business Intelligence enables you to continuously monitor and track team KPIs through dashboards, alerts and reports so that you can adjust strategies in real-time and boost workforce performance.

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Field Service KPI

Real-Time KPIs

Extract and leverage real-time KPIs for a 360° view of your business to adjust strategies and operate at peak performance

Total Visibility

Real-time dashboards give you great visibility & insight to know exactly what’s going on within all aspects of your business
Create Dashboards

Time Savings

Fully customizable analytics dashboard allows you to monitor metrics relevant to the needs of your business requirements

Product Capabilities

Pre-configured, Ad Hoc, and Custom Reports and Dashboards
Shareable Dashboards to Improve Collaboration
Slice, Dice and Aggregate Data for Better Visibility
Set Alerts & Notifications based on Thresholds & SLAs
Real-time Data Refresh
Simple Drag-and-Drop Design
Effectively and Quickly Create & Manage from Mobile Devices
Automatically Generate and Deliver Reports for Custom Schedules

Product Highlights

Dashboard View

KPI View in Dashboard

Create a custom view with key KPIs in the dashboards

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Customizable Views of Dashboard

Customizable Dashboard Cards

Mix and customize dashboard cards to create custom views

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Detailed View of Dashboard Cards

Detail Views

Click on any card to view detail and set up filters, actions and alerts

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Create and Schedule Reports

Scheduled Delivery of Reports

Setup automatic delivery of reports through email based on custom schedules

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Present Dasboard Cards on a Map with Map Views

Create Map Views

Create and customize map cards for geographic views.

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