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DT Rugged Research Tablets for Utilities & Field Services

Not every business happens in a compact central office or series of chain locations. Many of the more serious occupations require professionals out in the field performing inspections, repairs, and installations for clients and the general populace. Nowhere is it more important to have a charged, connected, and reliable mobile device than when you are sending experts out onto the road. Whether you need to send them additional information or respond to a change in plans, the ability to contact your team and be contacted when they need something is vital.

Industrial Strength Mobile Devices

Mobile devices have opened up a world of accessibility and software tools to the utilities and field service industries where traditional mobile devices are simply not up to the rigors of maintenance and repair work. Especially if you end up in extreme circumstances like up a telephone pole, down a man hole, or wading through someone's flooding basement, dropping a consumer-rated smartphone or tablet is usually the end for it, no matter how sturdy a case you wrap it in. Even if a device does survive the first few weeks in service, many brands and models have notoriously unreliable batteries and you can't afford a lost connection at inopportune moments. Fortunately, consumer brands are not the only mobile device manufacturers on the market.

Whether you're out surveying, fixing power lines or installing water heaters, what your team needs is a mobile solution that takes into account the intensity of the work you do and how important it is that your devices be reliable at every stage in the process.

DT Research Tablets for Utilities and Field Services

Recognizing the need for more rugged and industry capable devices, DT Research has developed a line of nearly indestructible tablets appropriate for everything from military operations to medical emergencies. They understand how important it is that a tablet used for work be both powerful and absolutely reliable, meaning every mobile device produced has been optimized and hardened against the kind of finicky and fragile behavior of consumer contemporaries.

Tablets That are Ready for Anything

Because your team will be far from headquarters and often involved some truly adventurous maintenance and repair heroics, you're going to want tablets that can stand up to anything, including impacts, extreme temperatures and constant use over several hours at a time.

When you rely on DT Research tablets, you get a pack of devices with

  • Sturdy, nearly indestructible frames and screens
  • Grippable, rubberized cases
  • High speed processors
  • Powerful 3G/4G network connections
  • Low power consumption
  • Large, easy to manipulate touch screens
  • Absolutely reliable and hot-swappable batteries

What more could you ask for? These tablets are also equipped with your choice of four GNSS connection options and are guaranteed compatible with existing GIS software for any kind of surveying, mapping, or navigating needs your team may have. For indestructibility, each of the GNSS tablets is rated IP65 for waterproofing, able to resist low-pressure water jets pointed at the device and completely sealed from dust contamination, making it safe to use for even the messiest of jobs.

Out in the field, it is vitally important that the tools you rely on are able to function under every work condition, without fail. Whether you need your mobile device to locate a ground pipe, communicate with headquarters, or run diagnostic tests, the DT Research line of rugged tablets has everything you could ask for and more. Well equipped with a tablet built to last, no job is too rugged for your personal computer, ensuring that every task done by you or your team is assisted with the highest-end technology available.

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