Kimberly Heuser
Kimberly is a ServicePower's Marketing Program Manager. She is strong in marketing strategy, marketing campaign creation and management. Previously, Kimberly served as a Digital Project Manger at HSP Direct, a political fundraising company in which she created, implemented and managed digital marketing campaigns for politicians seeking office, large Political Action Committees and non-profit organizations. Prior to that, she owned a marketing and web design company where she developed and implemented marketing campaigns for radio networks, secondary education institutions, manufacturers, small businesses, online magazines and assisted local/international ministries with the development of their brand, web presence and marketing before moving to the Northern Virginia area. She also served as a Marketing Manager for several multi-million dollar distribution companies, where she worked with some of the largest household brands across the U.S. to create and launch marketing campaigns.
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How to Build a Positive Customer Experience | ServicePower | Innovating Field Service

In today's business landscape, simply presenting the best price is not the ultimate solution that catapults a business into instant success. Clients of present and future analyze various rating systems to assist in their decision-making process. Easy access to sites like Yelp, Bizrate, and Google have changed how consumers conduct business. A one star rating can greatly impact clients considering your services. Granted, most consumers understand and easily discount the one-off complaints and bad rating when the comments seem unreasonable. However, a long-line of complaints will greatly impact future business growth. As a result, customer satisfaction and quick resolution becomes key factors that measure the ability to attract and retain customers.


Using Video Peer Learning to Train Field Service Professionals | ServicePower | Innovating Field Service

Does your business have a lot of employees who work out in the field? Many companies do, because there are so many jobs that can only be done right in person. These hard working consultants, inspectors, in-home tutors, rotating managers, installation specialists, construction teams, and repairmen (to name only a few) go out every day to remote work sites, properties, or customer homes to do things that can't be done over the phone or even with video chat.


Mobile and Remote Workers Are the Lynchpin of Customer Experience | ServicePower | Innovating Field Service

In the long interval after a purchase, the company that made the sale and the manufacturer have to rely on the mobile and remote worker to form the reputation and the customer experience with the product.


Tips for Analyzing Customer Survey Data | ServicePower | Innovating Field Service

Many companies now use customer surveys to accumulate data and learn more about what people want. If you're using this tool in your own business, do you feel that you're really getting the most out of your surveys? After all, getting data is only the first step in making improvements. You then need to analyze and interpret it. Let's look at some tips for analyzing customer survey data so you can use it for your benefit.


Mobile Done Right: Remote Workers and the Customer Experience | ServicePower | Innovating Field Service

There are some reading this who might not remember when the term "Customer Service" was merely a byword, a side note or option for business operations. Not that it was ever considered a bad idea, it was just never quite the difference-maker it is today. Technology can be thanked for that.

Customer service has now morphed into something more, better known as the Customer Experience. We can also thank technology for that...