Kimberly Heuser
Kimberly is a ServicePower's Marketing Program Manager. She is strong in marketing strategy, marketing campaign creation and management. Previously, Kimberly served as a Digital Project Manger at HSP Direct, a political fundraising company in which she created, implemented and managed digital marketing campaigns for politicians seeking office, large Political Action Committees and non-profit organizations. Prior to that, she owned a marketing and web design company where she developed and implemented marketing campaigns for radio networks, secondary education institutions, manufacturers, small businesses, online magazines and assisted local/international ministries with the development of their brand, web presence and marketing before moving to the Northern Virginia area. She also served as a Marketing Manager for several multi-million dollar distribution companies, where she worked with some of the largest household brands across the U.S. to create and launch marketing campaigns.
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Top 5 Field Service Industry Trends for 2018 | ServicePower | Innovating Field Service

Consisting of more than 20 million field technicians spread across the world, the field service industry is a giant. From maintenance works in apartment elevators and medical scanners, to factory and farm machinery, the slightest adjustment to time can have a huge impact on service operation efficiency. 

According to 2017 statistics compiled on the field service industry:

  • By 2022, the global field service market is estimated to be worth $4.45 billion.
  • 52 percent of field service companies still coordinate work and perform functions manually.
  • By 2020, 10 percent of emergency field service work will be monitored by artificial intelligence.
  • By 2020, mobile apps will be used for technical projects in 75 percent of field service organizations with over 50 users. 


DT Rugged Research Tablets for Utilities & Field Services | ServicePower | Innovating Field Service

Not every business happens in a compact central office or series of chain locations. Many of the more serious occupations require professionals out in the field performing inspections, repairs, and installations for clients and the general populace. Nowhere is it more important to have a charged, connected, and reliable mobile device than when you are sending experts out onto the road. Whether you need to send them additional information or respond to a change in plans, the ability to contact your team and be contacted when they need something is vital.


Where is The Field Service Industry Heading? | ServicePower | Innovating Field Service

Just as the world turns, so too does the field service industry continually evolve. In the past, field service was all about turning wrenches and increasing the bottom line, but as technology has automated many of the monotonous tasks that monopolized so much time previously, field service techincians and managers are now freed up to focus on what matters - the customer.


How to Select the Right Field Service Management Software | ServicePower | Innovating Field Service

Consider the field service management software, the  people and your organization

When choosing field service management software, consider the software, people and the organization.  The right field service management solution will enhance ROI, daily operations and employee productivity. Here are the different factors that you may consider when choosing among the available field service management software suites.


How Does Customer Experience with Field Services Bring Customer Satisfaction? | ServicePower | Innovating Field Service
The field service technician or installer is truly the ambassador of good will, representing the company in the far-flung regions of the community. Who else does the customer actually see, wearing the insignia of your company, outside of your brick and mortar store (if indeed you have one)? The customer may be completely happy with your products, but those kudos will go to the manufacturer or the designer, but customer satisfaction with your company will depend a lot on this point of contact with field services.