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The Reason You Need a Mixed Workforce Management Style

Is your field service management company scaling to serve more customers, moving into new territories, or being hired to complete unique projects? Using a mixture of full-time employees and contracted technicians is a highly effective way to expand your business.  

Using a hybrid workforce empowers field service managers to choose from a wider pool of specialized expertise. As a result, your customer is more likely to be matched with the right technician for the right job--not just once in a while, but every time a technician heads out to a service appointment. This type of mixed workforce management in the field services sector calls upon approximately 15.5 million hardworking technicians who earn their incomes working as independent third-party providers, with the number of field service contractors growing by the day.

Gartner predicts that by 2020, contractors will deliver 40% of service work. 

Hiring a mix of contractors and full-time employees helps your field service company evolve into a flexible, specialized, and adaptable workforce. It also helps your workforce be more prepared to resource spikes in customer demands and solve niche problems. As a result, this talented mixed workforce drives higher first-time fix rates and better customer ratings. However, field service companies will only experience these success metrics if their hybrid workforce is properly managed. Effective field service managers don’t just add contractors to their workforce and hope for the best; they put a conscious effort into integrating these talented workers into their teams.

The solution: adopt a mixed workforce management style. 

Modern field service companies must go beyond utilizing a hybrid workforce to simply service customers. Field service managers must rely on modern technology to do the following:

  • Onboard
  • Manage
  • Schedule
  • Support
  • Evaluate
  • And compensate that mixed workforce on a daily basis 

Utilizing powerful field service software, you can alleviate internal staffing and scheduling pain points associated with a hybrid workforce, while simultaneously putting your technicians in the best position to solve your customers’ problems. 

Companies that choose not to evolve with industry trends by utilizing this powerful technology, your field service company will most likely be left behind by customers who prefer more technically savvy, modern service providers.

Managing Two Separate Workforces Could Cause Issues in a Field Service Organization

While it’s exciting for field service managers to draw from a larger pool of technician talent and expertise to solve customer problems, the mental energy required to manage two separate workforces can be time-consuming, complicated, and frustrating. 

Common issues field service managers face when deploying a hybrid workforce:

  • Full-time employees may feel passed over when you hire specialized contractors
  • Scheduling and availability for jobs can be a logistical nightmare
  • Finance teams must simultaneously handle invoicing and timesheets

There are many viewpoints, moving parts, and details to consider and track when you utilize a mix of full-time and contracted technicians. Employees are typically provided with full-time benefits, filling out W2s and receiving consistent, predictable salaries. On the other hand, contractors are paid for the time spent at specific customer appointments, which is determined by fluctuating customer demand. Scheduling, managing, coaching, and evaluating both your full-time employees and your contractors using phones, pens, and paper is not only painful and outdated; it’s an inefficient way to manage your workforce.

Let Powerful Field Service Software Onboard, Manage, and Handle Mixed Workforce Management 

To combat these common, but avoidable, inefficiencies, let workforce management software handle the task of integrating contractors into your company. A modern software platform can manage the sourcing, training, and scheduling of both full-time and contracted employees on your team, doing the heavy lifting so you can focus on evaluating customer outcomes and adjusting your strategies accordingly.

ServicePowers contractor management services platform makes the complex easy

There are numerous benefits to using ServicePower workforce management software:

  • Integrate, manage, and dispatch a hybrid workforce to deliver faster, smarter service
  • Manage employees and contractors using the same desktop and mobile solution
  • Utilize built-in on-boarding to smoothly transition new contractors onto your team
  • Let custom logic identify the right technician, whether full-time employee or contractor, for the right job based on skills and expertise

ServicePower, a leading field service software, can help you experience these benefits and drive your bottom line. Find out how ServicePower’s modern workforce management software provides contractor management services to help you successfully onboard and leverage larger pools of technician expertise, while simultaneously supporting your full-time employees, to drive higher customer satisfaction.

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