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How to Use Your Insurance Software to Improve Your Customer Journey

As a modern insurance company operating in a technologically advanced world, customer expectations have never been higher--especially when it comes to working with claims adjusters, inspectors, or appraisers. When your property and casualty insurance policyholders need to quickly schedule assessments that fit into their busy daily lives, they expect your company to offer seamless and intuitive digital scheduling, from start to finish. When you put yourself in your customer’s shoes, it makes sense. If they already handle most logistics in their tech-filled lives through their smartphones, why would policyholders expect anything less? If you’re looking to turn inefficient scheduling and management into a streamlined, well-oiled machine that makes policyholders feel safe and supported, you’re moving in the right direction.By exploring the insurance customer journey, you can see how using insurance adjuster software for scheduling delivers better customer outcomes.

Understanding the Insurance Customer Journey

It’s important to have a firm grasp of the way your insurance customers experience your brand. Knowing and addressing your customers’ pain points puts you in the best position to deliver positive experiences that turn new policyholders into enthusiastic brand evangelists.

“The customer journey is the complete sum of experiences that customers go through when interacting with your company and brand. Instead of looking at just a part of a transaction or experience, the customer journey documents the full experience of being a customer.

Your potential customer most likely does the following:

Step 1: becomes aware of your brand

Step 2: looks for advice about the benefits of each policy you offer

Step 3: considers each policy’s coverage and compares premium quotes

Step 4: if the policy and quote gets approved, he or she may sign up

Step 5: based on the policy, he or she then pays necessary premiums

Step 6: continuously manages and updates necessary coverage as life changes

Step 7: files claims and begins to truly experience the value of your product and service

Step 8: is hopefully happy with his or her experience, renewing and evangelizing your services

In the insurance industry, this customer journey involves many phases, twists, and turns. Understanding every step of the insurance customer journey means digging into the pain points they experience during each phase so you can take steps to remove inefficiencies.

How to Improve Claims Adjuster Scheduling

One of the major pain points policyholders experience is inefficient scheduling of claims adjusters, inspectors, or appraisers. When your customers reach step seven in their journey, they need to schedule and meet with a claims adjuster. If you asked your policyholders how easy it is to make this happen, what would they tell you? If scheduling a claims adjuster is anything but fast and easy, policyholders are more likely to churn and head toward the competition.

To ensure this crucial phase of the customer journey is nothing but pleasant, consider relying on the power and ease of field service scheduling software.

Utilizing ServiceScheduling, insurance companies can dynamically create schedules, reduce costs of claim inspections and adjustments, and improve efficiency, productivity, and utilization. By the numbers, insurance companies who utilize this powerful insurance adjuster software experienced: 

  • A 30% increase in assessments completed each day
  • A 20% increase in customer satisfaction scores
  • Reduced labor costs by $1.8m per year 

Powered by artificial intelligence and automation, this software matches your policyholder with the best adjuster based on skill and location, all in a matter of seconds. The results? Easier scheduling, faster dispatching, shorter wait times, on-time arrivals, and reduced costs--alongside much happier customers.


Scheduling an Appointment with an Insurance Claims Adjuster Shouldn’t Be Difficult.
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Make Key Steps within the Customer Journey Simple, Transparent, and Dependable

The most successful modern-day insurance companies focus on not only meeting high customer expectations but also making every step of the customer journey as simple as possible, powered by technology:

According to Imaginea, “The optimization of the customer experience journey has never been timelier and more urgent for Insurance Industries. Identifying the differentiators in traditional businesses due to emerging technology implementation is a strategic move to pace ahead.”

Insurance companies who implement new technologies that directly improve steps within the customer journey not only satisfy current policyholders but also naturally turn customers into delighted company evangelists. These positive customer ratings are as good as gold when it comes to driving new business.

Ready to modernize how your policyholders schedule claims adjuster appointments? Learn more about what ServicePower’s field service software can improve the customer journey with tech-savvy solutions.

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