Warranty Claims Management

Optimize your reserves, while eliminating fraud and reducing technician turn-around times

A Comprehensive Platform For All Your Warranty Needs

Increase consumer confidence in your products and build loyalty. ServicePower’s integrated warranty claims management system delivers real-time, configurable claim adjudication, validation, and a customizable audit platform to meet your unique warranty requirements.

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Automate Warranty Claims

Automate Warranty Claims

Configurable logic required to automate claims adjudication, validation and auditing, while speeding payments to contractor
Prevent Fraud

Prevent Fraud

Business specific warranty adjudication & audit logic ensures that only valid claims are eligible for payment to reduce fraud
 Reduce Claims Cost & Time

Reduce Claims Cost & Time

Submit, track, and validate claims in real-time to increase visibility & reduce the turnaround time on claim status & payment

Product Capabilities

Customizable to Meet Varying Business Requirements
Real-time Adjudication, Validation & Audit Logic
Entitlement & Flexible Rates Logic
Real-time Feedback to Actuaries, Operations, and Contractors
Fraud Protection
Warranty Data Analytics
Integrated Parts distributor, BOM, Registration & Contract Data
API-ready for Easy Integration and Onboarding

Product Highlights

Submit Claim

Submit Claim

Simple online process to submit a warranty claim

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Search Warranty Coverage

Validate warranty coverage for assets

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Upload Claims

Simple online process to upload claims

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Search Claim for Status

Search through submitted claims for status

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Warranty Search

Search Warranty

Search based on wide-criteria

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Search Warranty Entitlement

Verify Entitlement

Search warranty entitlement for assets

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