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Hands-off Customer Service Doesn’t Mean Unmanaged Strategy

If there’s anything companies struggle to tame, it’s the customer experience. After all, the experience your customers have – especially when they have urgent issues and problems – drives their overall customer satisfaction. The explosion of everyday digital tools and communication channels has exponentially expanded the methods customers can use to contact you, commend you, mention your name, and relate their experience with you to a virtually unlimited number of people. Smart companies need to get behind the wheel to manage the customer experience and keep it on track for success.

From a positive experience, you create customer loyalty, and ultimately over time you generate customer lifetime value. That is to say, every touchpoint in your customer experience cycle is a bottom line issue. That means it doesn’t pay off to passively invest in trendy tools without a clear strategy for making them work for both you and your customers.  By merely reacting to market forces instead of managing implementation strategically, this puts the customer in charge of how you do business, increases costs, and takes you out of the lead.

How to Take the Driver’s Seat

You know your company must create positive and relevant customer experiences across communications channels and touchpoints. You know you have to have online entitlement, social media, texting, web presence, email, and mobile applications. And you know you also have to know how to use, manage, and measure what you have in place.

If you don’t have robust customer self-service, customers will seek out companies that do – because today’s business model needs to value their time, convenience – and overall preference for doing as much as possible digitally. When you’re not out in front of customer expectations, you cannot offer a superior digital experience. When you don’t have a strategy, you have a limited understanding of what to do next, who should lead it, and what success metrics are.

Third-party solution providers can plug the gaps and transparently manage your drive for transformation. Best-in-class organizations are investing in technology and knowledge capabilities for all teams from the back office to field service, in order to facilitate superior service and more first-time resolutions in this new age of customer expectations. These tools not only provide regular insights into everything from acquisition to billing to field operations, they also enable reporting for measurement and continuous improvement.

ServicePower’s Mobile Workforce Management Software (MWFMS) helps improve the customer experience while maintaining your critical entitlement processes, thus supporting the critical balance of internal and external revenue objectives. Intelligent service delivery based on performance-tested, cloud-based technology simplifies service delivery and maximizes profits. Efficient customer experience management supports your objectives to reduce costs, optimize customer value, and ensure consistent and ongoing success.

ServicePower offers state-of-the-art service support that enables you to provide seamless service offerings to your customers. In addition to expert software deployment, ServicePower can also help you integrate the new workflow into your existing business processes, manage and optimize your Operations, and assess and sustain suitable KPI, ROI, and NPS metrics. 

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