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Field Service Software Tools to Manage Your Third-Party Workforce

It’s no secret that software apps rule the world. When apps are well-designed, intuitive, and useful, they make day-to-day life easier for individuals, for families, and for businesses, regardless of the industries or functions they support.

Particularly in the field service industry, the most effective leaders recognize the transformative power these software apps have on the results they can deliver to their customers. When it comes to managing third party contractors, more and more service providers are now leveraging mixed workforce management software to improve dispatch and customer experience.

When effective field service leaders are managing contractors, in addition to managing full-time employees, the best of the bunch make the conscious decision to integrate technology into their businesses to more efficiently manage contractors and boost the elusive first-time fix in field service.

The alternative? Get left behind.

The field service industry has changed with the booming explosion of technology over the last decade. Learn how and why the best field service leaders use field service software tools to get the best results from their third party workforces.

Field Service Management: the Old, Manual Way to Manage a Third Party Workforce

Over the last decade, technology has made a dramatic, irreversible impact on the world. However, before using apps became a daily part of normal life, the field service industry looked very different than it does today.

Field service professionals used excel sheets and whiteboards to generate contractor schedules, while sending paper work orders between the field and back office, day after day.

It was difficult to be agile and responsive to change through any given workday, as most logistics were coordinated manually, by hand. Printed invoices were the only option, with a plethora of other paperwork that accompanied each service appointment.

Fast-forward to 2019: a world where technology is king. Leading field service management professionals have grown weary of slow, inflexible, and manual ways of managing a third-party workforce contractors and servicing customers; instead, the most effective field service management professionals have sought out, found, and implemented automated solutions that have changed the way they manage their contractors, most of whom are a part of the millennial workforce.

Field Service Software Creates a New, Automated Way to Manage a Third Party Workforce

As baby boomer field service technicians wind down their working years, these millennial contracted field service technicians have entered the workforce, dropping in and out of organizations when they are needed to:

  • Fill in service gaps during high demand seasons
  • Provide specialized skills that full-time technicians may not have
  • Offer prompt service in remote locations 

With obvious benefits to adding a third party workforce to your customer service arsenal, it’s no wonder that 76% of service organizations have used a third party for service delivery to supplement their workforce. Still, there are organizations who don’t utilize modern software to manage their contractors. 

In time, these field service organizations will be left behind by forward-thinking, technologically savvy competitors.

With the influx of these millennial workers comes an expectation that the companies they help work in an agile fashion. Most modern contractors are not only accustomed to using apps to simplify every aspect of both their personal and professional lives; they expect it. To attract these highly skilled contractors and appeal to their style of work, as a field service leader, you must empower your organization with the best mobile field service software. 

Not only will your contractors be more likely to accept jobs when you need them, but your customers will also respond positively to the improved customer experience. Translation: field service automation increases customer service ratings and profits.

As a field service management professional looking to get the most out of your third party workforce, consider a few advantages of using field service software:

More efficiently allocate contractors using field service scheduling software.

By using field service software that automates work order scheduling, the software can match the right contractor--with the right skills and the right parts--to the customer much faster than any human could. The system bases its decision on a real-time data feed and custom business rules that each field service manager can set. 

The result: prepared, well-matched technicians complete the job the first time.

Get contractors to appointments faster using route optimization software.

Using AI-based technology, field service software ensures the closest, most well-matched contractor gets to the job. Unlike human-based route recommendations, utilize the power of technology to calculate the most efficient route based on constantly changing conditions. 

The result: on-time technicians make happy customers.

These are just a few of the many benefits field service software offers when it comes to managing an always moving third party workforce. 

View more benefits 

In the field service management world, times have changed. Customer expectations and contractor expectations are higher than ever, calling for automated field service software solutions that simplify the complex. As a driven field service leader determined to succeed, how will you respond to this technological evolution?

Learn how to boost customer satisfaction and make your field service workforce into a revenue machine.

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