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4 Ways Field Service Software Makes Your Techs More Efficient

Successful field service management requires boosting efficiency while improving your customer ratings and first-time fix rates. It’s a tall order and one that many field service management teams take completely onto their shoulders. For higher efficiency, try moving some of that onus onto the people working with customers day in and day out: your field technicians. 

You’ll know you have the right team in place when things are running things smoothly. Here are four signs that your field service software is helping field technicians get the job done right the first time, quickly.

1. They Respond Faster With the Help of AI

Service Level Agreements and efficiency standards are key to an agile field service organization. Asking people to work faster may not be the answer to more efficient field service, and it certainly won’t help you be more effective. Here are some areas where field service software that integrates with your current platforms gives your team the boost they need:

  • Route optimization helps techs arrive on time, even in high-traffic times of day
  • Data on field technician’s location makes dispatch smarter for the field service management team
  • Estimated finish time on a current job gives a better idea of when to call in subcontractors

Collecting and integrating data from the many aspects of field service management, from customer scheduling to dispatch to higher-level operations, increases responses over time. Simulated annealing is the process by which software thinks ahead with algorithms that teach themselves how to be faster and better aligned with your goals. Using a smart platform that provides solutions before problems arise will help your organization to run more efficiently with the help of AI. 

2. They Become Better Equipped for Every Job

The best-case for strategic workforce management is sending a technician who has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the exact issue your client is facing. This is not always the case, so field service organizations may opt for well-rounded technicians who can handle a variety of jobs. Sometimes a job requires niche expertise in an area none of your field technicians have expertise in. In this case, many field service organizations will call in experts through their subcontracted third-party field service team. This can be a great option, but it often leads to a “contractor tax” –– extra expenses incurred through complex billing processes or higher rates for contractor management services.

Instead, field service organizations can leverage tools that make contractor invoicing easier and calls in the best person for the job every time. If that means that your Jill-of-all-trades field technician can get to the job faster and complete the fix, she’ll be on the job. If you have a Smart Home with higher-tech requirements than your employees have, you can call in an available contractor without the usual hassle and cost through the same single-pane view. 

Field service organizations that use an automated scheduling system to bring in the best person for the job are almost 40 percent more likely to have SLA compliance rate that is over 90 percent. Using a hybrid workforce that includes on-call contractors with niche expertise has the added benefit of boosting your FTFR and ensuring you are meeting SLAs. When your field service management software can handle employees and contractors in an equally efficient way, your team of experienced field service technicians grows without costing you a “contractor tax.”

3. They Have Everything They Need the First Time

Asset management should not be done on paper anymore. Most organizations understand that using digital asset management is a better use of everyone’s time. However, even if you are using an asset management platform, chances are it’s not connected and streamlined with all of your other systems. 

The disconnect among your systems is slowing down your field technicians. Any mistakes or misrepresentations of assets available in your warehouse causes delays for your field technicians getting to their job sites and, ultimately, for your customers. Inventory management needs to be done in real-time to keep up with customer expectations and SLAs.

Field service software equipped with predictive logic ensures that your warehouse is stocked with what you need, and reduces spend on unnecessary parts. 

4. They Are Motivated By Better Results

When you can track customer responses in real-time and integrate this data into your field service management style, you alter the climate for field techs. Going from a get-the-job-done mentality into pride in their level of service can rejuvenate your field service organization. Real-time insight for field technicians available through cloud-based field service software motivates them to reach for higher levels of customer satisfaction, not just getting the job done.

A cloud-based service-management solution connects all the pieces of your field service management puzzle, including:

  • Customer communication with field technicians in real-time
  • Field technician communication and video chat with offsite experts
  • Streamlined work order processes
  • Consolidated timesheets
  • Third-party and vendor management tools
  • Customer ratings
  • Route optimization and scheduling
  • AI-enhanced dispatch software

Better connection yields better results from your field service team. Does your current mobile workforce management software empower your teams to be more effective?

Share the responsibility for excellent field service with your team, starting now. Learn how ServicePower’s workforce management software gives your team the tools to be efficient self-managers and lets you focus on steering the ship.


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