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Be the Hero your Customers Need with Third-Party Contractors

It’s 20 degrees Fahrenheit outside and the HVAC system just went out for one of your biggest customers. It’s a digital system integrated with smart device control. The only problem? Communication between the HVAC system and the smart device is offline. If none of your field techs are trained in fixing IoT devices and HVAC systems, how do you show up for a customer in need?

Specialized field service contractors, such as HVAC engineers, are available for just this kind of emergency and they aren’t the only specialists you can work with. Electrical engineers and other highly-skilled field techs are also often available for hire. Since these contractors will show up under your field service’s brand and use your field service mobile app to live chat with customers before they head out, your field service company gets to be the hero.

You may already use these field service technicians as part of your mixed workforce to fill in a gap of niche technical skills. Learn field service management tips to leverage these key players through your workforce management software.

Recruit the Dream Team

The dream workforce management team is made up of your dependable, full-time field technicians and third-party contractors you can leverage for specific needs that arise. Sometimes you simply need more hands to fulfill an influx of work orders. Other times, though, customers require a field technician with a specialization.

What kind of specializations does your field service workforce need?

Every field service company from home warranty to security to appliance repair depends on specialized field service technicians to keep customers happy. The number of third-party contractors is increasing compared to their full-time employee counterparts.

Your industry will determine exact specialties, but you’ll likely want to depend on contractors trained in:

Have the experts on-call every time your customers are in need and your customer ratings will go through the roof.

Keep Your Heroes On-Demand

In comic books, the masked heroes disappear without a trace after saving the world. Fortunately for your customers, you can summon your heroic third-party contractors at any time to perform the same fearless tasks day after day. In fact, with great contractor management services in place, contractors might seek out your company.

By using field service software designed for mixed workforces, you can easily onboard, train, and manage third-party contractors on the same platform as employees. 

Here are some of the benefits of using expert third-party contractors:

The best field service software will make everyone’s lives easier, from customers to field techs to your dispatch center. When you have a reputation for customer satisfaction and easy onboarding, you’ll attract –– and keep –– talented field service contractors.

Make Your Field Service Company the Hero

Imagine this scenario. You’ve picked up some fantastic contractors, brought them on board through your field service management software, and you get a call for HVAC emergencies in the dead of winter. Here’s what it looks like to use AI-enhanced field service scheduling software to dispatch your best person to the job:

  • Your team gets the service call about a downed HVAC system from a harried office manager.
  • Your field service software triages service requirements from the customer’s service request and uses smart scheduling to dispatches the nearest contractor with the right training.
  • Using route optimization software, your contractor avoids unplowed roads and arrives at the service site in a matter of minutes.
  • Since you’ve already trained the tech through your mobile field service software, everything is wrapped up quickly and an invoice is automatically sent to the contractor later that day.

You became a hero to your customer, and your efficient contractor management services earned you a spot as the contractor’s go-to field services company.

Learn how to easily integrate specialized third-party contractors into your mixed workforce. Make your company the hero with mixed workforce management software.

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