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3 Ways Data Can Fix Your Broken Dispatch Process

3 Ways Data Can Fix Your Broken Dispatch Process

Dispatching is the procedure of assigning contractors or employees to fulfill a service for a customer, and it is the first physical step in the process of getting a job done in field service work. At first glance, simply dispatching someone to do a job may seem like the easiest step in the field service workflow, but way more responsibility lies in the dispatching process than many workforce management companies give it credit for. What if you dispatch an inexperienced contractor to a difficult assignment? Or if a dispatch call gets missed and a customer misses out on a service and a technician loses out on a job?

The truth is, many workforce management companies struggle with a broken dispatch process. With so much technology available, improving your dispatch process has never been easier. Here are 3 ways that data can fix your broken dispatch process.

Invest in Dispatch Software

Dispatch software takes all human error out of the equation, eliminating broken manual dispatch processes. Using software allows for invaluable insights into day-to-day information and helps further facilitate data-driven decisions. From small to enterprise level businesses, there are endless benefits to adopting a third-party dispatch system. 

Real-Time Scheduling Data

Dispatch software helps optimize your scheduling, which can save your company time and money. Transparent access to real time information that is accurate helps workforce managers make the correct decisions backed by data. Managers can also save time with a digital scheduling system. This digital scheduling system allows for creating schedules and assigning individual jobs to become one streamlined process.

Besides streamlining scheduling, managers can create rules for individual jobs or categories so that they can easily decipher what is important. A streamlined and easy to use scheduling system can allow for any bump in the road to be smooth sailing with just a few clicks. And it can save you money. 

ServicePower’s software was able to save $1M YoY with scheduling optimization while also reducing technician travel time by 15%.

Intelligent scheduling lets technicians spend less time on the road and more time dealing with in person service. Manager’s will never have to worry about sending an unprepared technician to a job and will also have a streamlined schedule that can easily be adjusted based on need. 

Customer Service Data

Customer experience has always been at the forefront of the field service industry, and it’s integral to sustaining growth of a company, especially during COVID-19. Customer service data has been the constant driving force behind the emphasis of the importance of customer experience. In fact, data shows that customers are six times more likely to buy, twelve times more likely to recommend the company, and five times more likely to forgive a mistake if they have a positive experience with the company.

Dispatch software can help your company provide a better customer experience, and have the data to prove it. Dispatch software reduces errors, therefore leaving less frustration or follow up for the client. The use of dispatch software can improve your first time fix rate, which in turn saves you money and time. American International Group, Inc, (AIG) actually did a study on ServicePower’s Integrated Dispatch System, and found a 40% increase in first-time fix rates and a 20% decrease in time on site. That means almost half of your customers served will now have a better experience than when a manual dispatch service was in place. With two-way communication, you can collect feedback from your customers and ensure that their expectations have been exceeded. 

Positive customer experience is truly invaluable, and continuously nurturing that customer journey will be what differentiates you from the competition. In fact, 60% of organizations state that customer service is the top source of competitive differentiation. With so many organizations vying for the customer’s attention, companies really have to stand out. Dispatch software provides the highest-quality service with timely technicians and crystal clear communication. 

There is even a term for measuring customer experience, known as the Net Promoter Score (NPS). An increase means a positive experience, where a decrease is a negative experience. After implementing ServicePower’s Dispatch, Claims and Managed Services, LG Electronics USA experienced a 27% increase in NPS.

By replacing your broken manual dispatch process, your field service management company can soar above the rest in creating the best customer experience.

Third-Party Workforce Data

As more workforce management companies are investing in contract workers, the more complex it is to manage workforce data and successfully implement workforce management. Gartner predicts that by the end of 2020 more than 40% of field-service work will be performed by third-party technicians and not full time employees. However, the demand for field service is going to increase, therefore leaving more jobs to be distributed to a less “mainstream” workforce. How does a field service company manage that?

Third-Party Service Dispatch allows for complete visibility across third party contractors and allows for easy reporting. Regular updates provide real-time data on what jobs have already been started, what jobs have been completed and what jobs remain incomplete or need a revisit. This allows for management and workers alike to stay on track and can improve technician productivity by up to 60%

Geographically, the use of contractors also allows for a larger geographical footprint, allowing your business to reach more customers, with some workforce management companies seeing an increase of service calls completed per day by 30%. Not only that, route optimization leverages data in it’s integrated mapping process, which in turn can cut scheduling and travel cost by 15%. Completing more jobs with less money coming out of your pocket helps your company maximize profit. 

Since third-party contractors are in high demand, your workforce management company will want to entice them to stay. Contract workers can afford to be pickier about who they work for, so they will expect their needs to be met. Leveraging data and dispatch services keeps contractors happy, especially since they have access to configurable dashboards with accurate data and real-time reporting.

In a data-driven industry, your company will benefit from adopting a modern dispatch solution that leverages real-time and accurate data. Real-time scheduling, improving customer experience and strengthening your third-party workforce are just a few of the ways that dispatch software can change the way you run your workforce management business. 

Learn more about ServiceDispatch and how it can improve the way you run your field service management business.

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