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Dispatch Software for Businesses

If you are in the field service business, you are going to have to dispatch technicians. But dispatching the right technician to the right job, with the right parts and skills to complete the job the first visit can be difficult and yet crucial to delivering a successful customer experience. Plenty of field service businesses continue to employ manual methods for their tasks. Consulting whiteboards, spreadsheets, phone calls, emails and texts becomes exhausting and leaves you susceptible to an inefficient operation. This is why successful field service managers are implementing dispatch software to not only makes their job easier but much more efficient.

What is Dispatch Software?

Dispatch software is a digital application that empowers field service management teams to flexibly manage their technicians in the field. Using a dispatch system allows for field service managers to automatically assign jobs to a third-party or an employed workforce based on skills, geography, and available capacity and more.

The best dispatch software allows you to directly assign jobs to employed, third-party or even a blended workforce based on rules, standard processes and other criteria necessary to provide the best customer experience. Dispatch software should also have a seamless integration with an onboarding platform to ensure the contractors you send out are credentialed. This gives you peace of mind knowing the contractors you are dispatching to your customers are qualified and vetted. Real-time visibility of your employed and third-party contractors allows you to dynamically adjust the service workload throughout the day to minimize turnaround time from job request to repair.

Dispatch software makes it easy for field service managers to get all of the information they need quickly. With countless details to manage on a daily basis, a system like this can help keep track of it all. Turn cumbersome and tedious tasks into easier, quicker decisions by carrying out a dispatch software system.

This ability to have a birds eye view of the entire workforce from a unified dashboard allows dispatchers to make more informed decisions on scheduling, talent and location.

Dispatch software is widely seen as the best way to manage your business. But what is it about this software that makes it so great? Should my company be using dispatch software?

Benefits of Dispatch Software

From small to enterprise level businesses, there are numerous benefits to adopting a third-party dispatch system. Not only are dispatch services efficient, they also reduce the time it takes for a technician to get to the customer.

Organizations utilizing third-party employees can achieve up to five percent higher technician utilization, four percent higher SLA compliance, and three percent higher first-time fix rates, provided all management and operational processes are in place to properly manage a subcontracted workforce.

So how can Dispatch Software help?

Streamline Schedule Processes

Assigning jobs and making schedules becomes a streamlined, simple process. Plus, it's easy to use with drag and drop controls and color coding for visualization. Manual scheduling is inherently outdated. People switch shifts and can need time off at the drop of a hat. Customers can change their mind about what day they want you to come for service. When these changes happen, it is helpful to have a system that is able to stack and prioritize rules, so you know what is most important. Being able to adjust a service or a delivery in real time is integral for customer satisfaction and a smooth process. Having an online system that is easy to navigate and change provides a sense of security that the schedule is updated and accurate.

Maximize Workforce Productivity

Routine maintenance and repair requests match to open time slots in a technician's schedule, meaning it maximizes the amount of work the technician can complete and executes maintenance projects at a faster rate. This keeps both your techs and your customers happy.

Seamless Mobile Access

Accessing schedules and calls has become easier with an integrated mobility application. Get everything you need to know sent directly to your phone anytime, anywhere. You can track the location of a driver or job status as well as receive or send instant notifications for pickup and delivery - all at the touch of a button. Using a service that integrates with REST API’s can help make the implementation smoother.

Enterprise Wide Transparency

Efficient resource scheduling and dispatching together allows for enterprise wide transparency. Knowing where techs, equipment and materials are supposed to be versus where they actually are can save time and frustration. Mixing your employed workforce with third party contractors creates a blended workforce which can be difficult to track, dispatch software enables you to report across the entire workforce giving you a full line of sight.

Why Use a Dispatch System?

Every field service business has to dispatch. Why waste time and resources on manual methods? Dispatch software has revolutionized the way the industry works. Whether you have a small business or a large business, dispatch software can help your company succeed.

If you have a small business, maximizing the workforce you have is imperative to keeping your business afloat. Ensuring all hands are on deck at all times allows you to know your company is working at max capacity.

For medium to large businesses, the implementation of a dispatch software system may be overwhelming. However, these tools will pay for themselves in the insight you receive for your technicians and the visual analytics you will get by using the tool. By reducing scheduling conflicts and sending the proper technicians to the job, time and money will be saved on the back end in trying to fix those errors.

Dispatch software allows for better business decisions to be made, providing invaluable insight and management to your everyday life. Trust in a solution that will show you results. A great dispatch software can change your entire business, empower your dispatchers and please both technicians and customers.

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