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The Importance of Work Order Tracking

Workforce management in 2021 has become more robust and complex than previous years. With the influx of jobs and the rise of third-party contractors, it is more important now than ever to have a concise process to track work orders to keep your business in line. 

Every field service company is looking to maximize their ROI. For many field service businesses, that means investing in a workforce management system that can help streamline and organize processes at the touch of a button. 

Within this new system, is it imperative that a work order management solution is available, so you can better track your work orders and more.

What is a Work Order App?

The digital transformation in field service has extended beyond our typical devices and ingrained itself in mobile capabilities. Now more than ever, field service technicians are using mobile devices to access real time information on tools, processes and more.

A work order app is what provides all of those details at the click of a button. Technicians can use work order apps on a phone or a tablet to enter field data and communicate with customers and management to complete work orders faster and more efficiently.

Work order apps allow for flexibility and provide more access to technicians so they can get the job done from wherever they are. With such easy access to information, technicians can readily update work orders from start to finish, so no one misses a beat.

By simplifying field service workflow with a work order app, managers are able to achieve end-to-end management of work orders, resulting in a better customer experience and more jobs being completed on time. 

Why Work Order Tracking is Important

Efficient work order tracking is the backbone of an exceptional field service experience. Creating a work order is one of the first steps in the entire process. So if a work order is incorrect, it ruins every step that comes after the work order is created.

Leveraging a work order app allows you to create work orders from anywhere, whether that be in the field or in the warehouse. Being able to create work orders from anywhere means that they are put in the system faster, and can be assigned out to a technician in a timely manner.

Once the work order is seamlessly created and assigned, a technician can easily be dispatched to the home of a customer. With all of the information of the work order being at the technicians fingertip, this can improve your company’s first time fix rate.

This may seem like a small factor, but with the competition increasing across the industry, it is going to be customer satisfaction that separates the good from the great. In fact, 60% of organizations state that customer service is the top source of competitive differentiation. 

The tracking of work orders will also help in optimizing your schedule. This can save both time and money. Having real time access to a work order means that you will be able to determine when a technician has completed the job, therefore being able to send them elsewhere without wasting time. Or vice versa, if a work order is taking longer than expected, it ensures that the technician is not double booked and it allows management to reach out and determine that the job will be resolved. 

Work order management tools can also let you edit work orders with new information, so your workforce never misses a beat when it comes to a change in the job. This results in an increase in revenue and enhancing business agility.

Work order tracking takes you all the way to the last step of a job, which is payment processing. Customers will feel as if their request is fulfilled by being able to pay on the spot for the work, rather than waiting for an unknown amount to be invoiced to them at a later date. 

ServicePower’s work order management software was incredibly beneficial to both workforce and customers, seeing a 30% improvement in customer satisfaction ratings

Work order tracking is the blueprint to your field service business. Inefficient work order tracking can lead to costly delays, poor customer experiences and time-consuming errors. Investing in your work order management is investing in the roots of your business. 

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