Work Order Management

Benefits of Work Order Management Software

What is a Work Order?

Work orders are an authorization of maintenance, repair, or service work to be performed. They provide an explanation of the problem, repair, or service that is required, detailing the resources, tools, and steps needed to finish each task. Work orders also track the labor, materials, and maintenance completed during the job. 

What is Work Order Management?

Work order management can be defined as the set of procedures that are designed to process a work order in a timely and efficient manner. This process has three main components: creation, completion, and recording. Each step within the workflow process has multiple tasks that require prioritization based on the needs of the specific job.  

Work order management can be very difficult to execute effectively and efficiently without digital tools. It requires real-time adaptability to changes in a service job description, available technicians, tools, and resources, and the ability to implement a backup plan in case of an unexpected change in circumstances. This includes the correct implementation of initiating a work order, requesting a service, scheduling and dispatching a technician, tracking the resources, tools, and labor used in the service, and closing and analyzing the work order. The successful completion of each of these tasks depends on timely communication, real-time access to technician availability, confirmation of customer data, visibility into tool and resource availability, and the ability to share and analyze work orders. Without software, this process is inherently inefficient and prone to errors. Thankfully, work order management software streamlines this complex process and makes sure that necessary and accurate information is available in real-time. 

What is Work Order Management Software?

Work order management software is a digital platform that organizes the work order process, ensuring optimal workflow and productivity for each job. By standardizing and automating the workflow process, increasing visibility into customer, technician, and tool availability, and improving communications, work orders are more efficient, field technicians are more productive, and customers are provided with better customer experience. 

ServicePower’s Work Order Management Software

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ServicePower’s Work Order Management Software streamlines the service workflow through intelligent automation, improves efficiency by dynamically dispatching the best resource for each job, and increases coverage through third-party contractors with an increase in geographic range, skill sets, and schedules.         

Powered by intelligent automation, our software allows dispatchers to simply watch the system work for them as it optimizes routes, schedules, and sends field worker assignments based on our patented, proprietary simulated annealing process. By streamlining the work order process, our proprietary software lets you focus on the bigger picture.

Inefficient work order management leads to mistakes that can be time-consuming to fix, cause delays, financial inaccuracies, and poor customer experiences. By intelligently automating the entire work order management process, our software eliminates these inefficiencies and keeps your services running smoothly, keeping your customers satisfied.

Delivering 30% in Improved Customer Satisfaction Ratings 

ServicePower’s work order management software delivers advanced operational efficiency, increased service revenue, enhanced business agility and increased first-time-fix-rates. The end result is exceptional customer experience that builds brand loyalty and customer retention.

Benefits of Work Order Management Software

  • Advance Operational Efficiency: Make data-driven decisions backed by intelligent reports and analytics. Reduce errors and optimize efficiency with real-time dashboards delivering insights on all aspects of your business.
  • Increase Service Revenue: Our real-time job interface coupled with intelligent planning and forecasting features provide visibility into job complexity and completion and can greatly reduce repair costs. See how Richer Sounds reduced repair and warranty costs using ServicePower.
  • Enhance Business Agility: Scale your business faster with a single system to streamline workforce management, forecasting, scheduling and work order management.
  • Improved First-Time-Fix-Rate: Real-time schedule optimization ensures the fastest response time for every assignment. By utilizing AI-based optimization, work order management software expertly organizes your complex schedules to produce the most efficient outcomes.
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction: Reach out to service providers, facilities managers and contractors within the unified work order management platform. Avoid delays during back-and-forth communication and improve customer satisfaction rates by 30%.

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Intelligent Work Order Management

Simplify field service workflow. Achieve full end-to-end management of work order flow and distribution with the associated assets, parts, tasks, estimation and payment processing capabilities, automatically driving better customer satisfaction rates

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