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Top 5 Benefits of Software for Major Appliance Services

Top 5 Benefits of Software for Major Appliance Services

 What is considered a major appliance?

A major appliance is considered a non-portable or semi-portable piece of equipment that is used for routine housekeeping tasks. Another way to describe a major appliance is a large domestic appliance or a large electric appliance.

Examples of major appliances include: 

  • Washer
  • Dryer
  • Refrigerator
  • Freezer
  • Microwave
  • Oven
  • Trash Compactor
  • Furnace
  • Water Heater
  • Air Conditioner

These large electric appliances tend to come with a large price tag associated with them. Likewise, instead of replacing an entire major appliance when something is wrong, it’s common to rely on service maintenance and repairs to resolve the problem. However, major appliance manufacturers face a series of challenges managing major appliance warranties and scheduling repairs. Software can help manufacturers overcome these challenges by providing an optimized service experience. 

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How is software used for major appliance repairs?

Field service management (FSM) software supports major appliance operations, including both warranty claims management and optimized repair scheduling. Manufacturers can use FSM software to automate warranty claim adjudication with built-in validation, and eliminate fraud by ensuring that only valid claims are eligible for payment. In addition, AI-driven scheduling capabilities empower manufacturers to schedule highly skilled service technicians to resolve appliance issues at their customer’s convenience. 

With highly intelligent digital solutions on the market, managing major appliance warranties and repairs doesn’t need to be time-consuming and complicated. Manufacturers with FSM software are able to tap into the myriad of benefits that stem from automation, flexibility, and data-driven decision making. Let’s review the top 5 benefits. 

Top 5 Benefits of Using a Major Appliance Solution


1. Digital Transformation

It’s no secret that the digital transformation is sweeping through the Home Appliance and Consumer Electronics OEM industry. This means that it’s more important than ever for manufacturers to embrace digital solutions that differentiate their brand and drive long-term repeat sales. 

FSM software enables manufacturers to embrace the digital transformation by implementing AI-driven processes that optimize major appliance management. For instance, branded consumer portals offer self-service repair booking and rescheduling, real-time updates to technician locations, two-way communication with technicians, and more. With these digital solutions in place, manufacturers can say goodbye to the manual and error-prone scheduling processes that degrade the customer experience and the bottom line. 

2. Convenience

Modern customers have high expectations of service provided by manufacturers. And, convenience is the backbone of these customer expectations. This means that customers want to be able to request maintenance for their major appliances, exactly how and when it’s the most convenient for them. According to field service trends, customers find online scheduling to be more convenient than picking up a phone and talking to a stranger about their calendar timelines and availability. They also expect to be able to reschedule or cancel repairs if they ever become inconvenient. Providing a convenient customer experience also includes visibility into real-time scheduling updates and online methods for communicating with service technicians. FSM software enables manufacturers to meet all of these customer expectations and more. 

3. Flexibility

In order to provide satisfying service to customers, manufacturers must overcome the numerous challenges stemming from supply chain disruptions, labor shortages, demand spikes, and seasonal fluctuations. Currently, many appliance service organizations rely on employed or factory service teams to repair major appliances. While this may be adequate for stable market conditions, it’s simply not enough when there are dramatic fluctuations in labor and supply. That’s where a blended workforce comes in. FSM software such as ServicePower empowers manufacturers to intelligently manage both employees and third-party service providers through a unified platform. Service providers can also tap into ServicePower’s certified contractor network of over 4,000 vetted and highly-skilled service technicians. By leveraging additional service technicians, organizations can offer the flexibility required to provide service at their customer’s convenience. 

4. Promises

When a customer schedules a service appointment, the appointment is a promise to the customer. It’s critical that the service provider follows through with this promise. Sending an unqualified technician, being late to the appointment, or requiring multiple visits to complete the service is essentially a break in the promise. Consequently, this rupture fosters a negative customer experience that is damaging to the reputation of a company and its ability to retain paying customers. However, FSM software helps ensure that your technicians and contractors show up on time with the exact information and tools they need to fix the appliance on the first try. This demonstrates that your organization is trustworthy, and therefore solidifies a positive relationship with your customer base. 

5. Customer Delight

Major appliances are integral parts of a working home. And, disruptions in appliances can make it difficult for customers to conduct their daily lives, especially with an increase in individuals working from home. With FSM software, service providers can help customers maintain an efficient and functioning house. For instance, software with IoT-driven predictive maintenance capabilities allows service technicians to identify when a major appliance requires maintenance, even before something breaks. This modern service experience delights customers by providing real value to their lives. Not to mention, predictive analytics help improve the customer experience and in turn, the bottom line. 

Differentiating Your Brand with a Picture-Perfect Service Experience

Maintaining a competitive advantage is critical to success in the OEM industry. Investing in FSM software is an easy way to differentiate your brand and build a picture-perfect service experience for your customers. 

Explore the full whitepaper. 

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