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4 Signs Your Workforce Management Software Is Slowing Your Field Techs

Managing field service technicians often brings the responsibility of juggling many priorities. Today’s field service managers have to create and oversee technician schedules, ensure inventory availability, stay on top of KPIs, and deliver a great customer experience.

To do all of this successfully, you need the right people and the right tools. If you don’t have the right workforce management software with powerful mobile capabilities to enable your field service technicians, you may be under-utilizing your technicians, resulting in reduced profitability and lower customer satisfaction ratings.

So how do you know if your workforce management software is slowing your field service network (and your profits) down?

  1. Technicians are not getting to appointments on time
  2. Contractors are experiencing scheduling problems
  3. Customers can’t communicate directly with en route field service technicians
  4. Technicians have no way to view parts inventory reporting

Let’s take a closer look at these potential indicators, as well as what you can do. 

1.   Technicians are not getting to appointments on time

You already know that technicians arriving to appointments late or not at all is a big deal. These missteps cost you time, reduce network productivity, and negatively impact your customer service experience. Scheduling the right technicians for  jobs is critical; having the ability to predict demand, understand route history, and optimize routes helps techs get to their jobs faster and on time Intelligent Route Optimization and mapping technology can increase your network efficiency, resulting in higher on-time arrival rates and reduced customer call volume.

ServicePower’s SmartScheduling software solves Route Optimization problems: 

  • Ensures the most well-matched technician for the job requirements arrives on time, with the parts, information, and technology to complete the job
  • Handles high transactional volumes, without failing or batching jobs
  • Improves productivity through AI-based optimization, achieving up to 68% more productivity and 15% less schedule cost than manual or rules-based solutions
  • Gives operations full visibility and on-demand access to the data required for successful scheduling
  • Enables real-time communication between customers, technicians, and scheduling agents

Optimizing technician routes opens the door to higher customer service ratings and ultimately, increased profits.

2.   Contractors are experiencing scheduling problems

Today’s field service organizations must have flexibility in their networks to accommodate increased demand and service coverage over large geographical areas. Your owned resources are often unable to cover the entire area. Additionally, temporary spikes in demand or specialized maintenance service may require you to utilize your contractor resources. Scheduling problems occur if you don’t have workforce management software that enables you to view contractor schedules and integrate them into your hybrid network effectively. Controlling your contractor network is in effect controlling your service delivery.

ServicePower’s Contractor Management solution allows you to seamlessly manage your hybrid workforce using the following modern features:

  • Intelligent field service automation with booking to real-time contractor availability
  • System intelligence that dispatches the best contractor for a job based on:
    • Eligibility (skills, coverage, etc.)
    • Rules (preferred suppliers, partnerships, etc.)
    • Ranking (contract costs, reject rates, etc.)
    • Scheduling logic (availability, locations, etc.)
    • Real-time field status updates with visibility to in-progress jobs
    • Metrics monitoring and compliance reporting 

Workforce management software with these capabilities completely transforms the way you manage and communicate with contractors who are critical to your business’ bottom line.

3.   Customers can’t communicate directly with en route technicians

Your business’ bottom line is dependent upon the quality of your customers’ experiences. Highly satisfied customers empower companies to become successful and profitable field service management organizations. Poor customer satisfaction, on the other hand, leads to higher service call volumes, bad consumer reviews, and warranty contract cancellations.

Not being able to see where a technician is and when he or she will arrive is a primary source of customer dissatisfaction. Empowering customers with the ability to schedule appointments, set preferences for communication, and track technician status reduces customer anxiety, creating a better customer experience.

ServicePower’s Customer Engagement solution is the only intelligent self-service portal that delivers real-time choice and visibility to your customers.

  • Increase your customers’ visibility by offering them a way to view job statuses, technician locations and ETAs; plus the ability to communicate with mobile teams in real-time.
  • Improve the service experience by allowing your customers to self-schedule appointments through a branded portal based on their schedule; customers upload images and receive alerts and notifications

4.   Technicians have no way to view parts inventory reporting

Providing technicians with the right tools to effectively manage parts inventory is a key function within the service delivery lifecycle. Parts management inefficiencies drive down first-time fix rates, increase inventory holding costs, and reduce SLA compliance.

Customers want service calls to be completed quickly and during the first visit. To achieve high first-time fix rates, equip technicians with real-time mobile inventory management data so they always have the right parts available on-site.

ServicePower’s Mobile Technician Enablement solution provides your mobile workforce with the information and processes required to complete every job, offering a higher overall value to your customers.

  • Activity Management functionality enables service technicians to manage inventory parts orders; locate parts, initiate auto inventory adjustment, and disposition
  • Provides access to a comprehensive parts catalog, inventory, and pricing information reporting
  • Dynamically schedule workload and activities
  • Complete the job, from start to finish, with end-to-end work order lifecycle management
  • Provide estimates, process payments, deliver invoices, and surveys

Discover how ServicePower’s unified field service management software empowers your hybrid workforce with the information and processes required to complete every job, offer more value to your customers. 

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