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Four Benefits of Workforce Management

Workforce management is an integrated set of processes that a company uses to optimize the productivity of its workers. The goal of a workforce management system is to effectively forecast labor requirements, and manage staff schedules to ensure particular tasks are accomplished on a day-to-day basis.

Within the field service industry, organizations dispatch workers to the field in order to complete a service such as repairing an appliance. With the growing rate of mobile workers -- 91% in the last decade alone -- these companies often turn to a mixed workforce, i.e., employed and contracted, third-party technicians. Another factor contributing to the rise of mobile workers is the aging of the U.S. workforce, which is predicted to result in the shortage of 2 million technicians.

These additional complexities make it all the more imperative for field service organizations to select an intelligent workforce management solution that is designed to unify and streamline intricate and cross-functional processes.

What are the Benefits of Workforce Management?

The following are key benefits that a workforce management software should offer a field service organization:

1. Scheduling Optimization

AI-based scheduling optimization is a key element that a good workforce management solution should offer. Scheduling done right will increase the productivity and efficiency of mobile workforces while improving the customer service experience through higher schedule adherence and increased first-time fix rates. With AI-based optimization, field service organizations can achieve up to 68% more productivity and 15% less schedule cost than manual or rules-based solutions. Additionally, workforce management systems provide seamless visibility into operations with collaborative dashboards, notifications and real-time communication between customers and technicians.

2. Increased Productivity

Workforce management software increases the efficiency of business operations and streamlines the scheduling process, resulting in more jobs per day and decreased on-site time for technicians. Additionally, being able to assign the right technician with the particular set of skills needed, at the right time and on budget ensures that each technician is reaching their maximum potential and customers are satisfied with the job. AIG needed a solution that enabled them to effectively and efficiently dispatch jobs to a third-party network, and deliver exceptional customer experience through real-time communication and job status updates. Using ServicePower’s workforce management solution, they were able to see a 40% increase in first-time-fix rates and 20% decrease in on-site technician time.

3. Increased Profitability

Implementing a workforce management solution can bring significant savings to field service organizations. Higher customer satisfaction ratings, streamlined operations, increased sales and less customer churn are all contributing factors to increasing corporate revenue. BrandsMart U.S.A. needed a solution that improved the overall efficiency, productivity, and performance of its service and installation operations along with the reduction of operational costs. Upon implementing ServicePower’s workforce management software, they realized a 25% savings in operational costs.

4. Enhanced Customer Experience

According to a Tempkin Group study, customers are six times more likely to buy with a positive experience, 12 times more likely to recommend the company, and 5 times more likely to forgive a mistake. Focusing on the customer journey is no longer an option if organizations want to stay relevant. Having an efficient workforce management system with a customer portal in place enables personalized solutions and provides clear communication to customers, resulting in up to a 30% increase in Customer Satisfaction Ratings and 27% increase in Net Promoter Scores.

It is proven that implementing an intelligent workforce management solution increases customer and employee satisfaction, improves profitability, and increases productivity and operational efficiencies. Having an efficient workforce management solution could be the determining difference between you and a competitor.

Reach out today to see how ServicePower’s workforce management system enables your business’s success and sets you apart from the competition.


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