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Field Service Travel Should Be More Than Just A to B

On the road again… just can’t wait to get on the road again…

We’d like to imagine that your field techs hum this knowingly as they carry out their daily responsibilities, but maybe we are getting a bit carried away. Imaginative humor aside, the truth is, travel is a huge part of field service operations, and as such it is also a huge risk. Unlike in-office employees that organizations can keep a watchful eye on to essentially enforce productivity (which we assume was Marissa Mayer’s philosophy behind the Yahoo work-from-home ban), field employees are out in the world with expensive equipment, complex customers to satisfy, and many hours logged on the road and in traffic.

Recently on our blog, we discussed street level routing, and how ServicePower’s superior routing logic provides fast but efficient routing to ensure accurate travel time estimates while adhering to regional boundaries and rules. And while this helps you maintain a fully optimized schedule and increases number of jobs and resource productivity, it is only half of the travel equation.

Street level routing provides your field organization with the “how to get there” but it doesn’t provide visibility of your fleet. Why is this visibility essential to your organization? Here are a few reasons why the ability to track your technicians on the road should be an important part of your field service strategy.

Employee Accountability

No employer wants to act like “Big Brother,” and a certain amount of trust goes into the hiring of a field technician, where the remote work carries much different responsibilities and risks than that of office work. But employers still need to measure performance and continually collect information that will help them streamline business processes and increase efficiencies in the future. Having software that tracks the location of your fleet, including location, speed, and direction, all in real-time, helps give your organization a full picture of the field, all while ensuring that your technicians are performing their duties to par.

Managing the Unexpected

Even the best optimization can’t always predict traffic or emergencies. But then you have full visibility of your techs in the field, the unexpected is much easier to manage. Imagine having the ability to see the closest resource to a customer site. Now imagine that site is a down power line. With real-time fleet visibility you have the power to make real-time, accurate decisions whether to re-book a job, update a customer, etc.

Business Intelligence

Travel time and tech down time effects core KPIs and costs like jobs completed for day, jeopardized jobs, resource productivity, fuel costs and more. Having an integrated tracking software the reports travel information and fleet location details back to your other systems gives you the ability to set standards that will drive your bottom line.

Give your organization fleet visibility and better understanding of travel with ServiceGPS.

ServiceGPS uses “black box” technology to provide continuous GPS tracking of your fleet. Here are just some of the features you will benefit from:

  • Real time map based location details (location, vehicle speed and travel direction)
  • Configurable real-time e-mail alerts
  • Time-stamped daily history of GPS events
  • Location of the closest field resource to a customer site
  • Online or emailed delivered reports
  • Integrated to ServiceScheduling
  • GPS location information directly installed in ServiceMobility


You don’t have to run your field service blind. Empower your dispatch, enhance your business intelligence, and manage your field technicians with ease. This coupled with efficient routing gives your field service organization a competitive edge that is hard to beat.

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