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4 Essential Features for Contractor Management Solutions

Choosing the best contractor management solution is integral to keeping your field service organization ahead of the curve. Before you commit to a platform, be sure to consider the following advice to guarantee that you choose the best contractor management software for your organization.

Gartner predicts that this year, more than 40% of field service work will be performed by technicians who are not employees of the organization that has direct contact with the customer. With that number increasing, it is more necessary than ever for field service organizations to prepare for the coming changes.

Managing contractors is a logistically complex process. For this reason, it is imperative that the internal process for managing contractors is designed to optimize efficiency and minimize risk. That’s where contractor management software plays an important role.

There are numerous benefits to employing contractor software, such as minimizing the risk and increasing the productivity and efficiency of dispatching, scheduling and monitoring a fluctuating workforce. Online contractor management systems also reduce human error, increase visibility for both operations and customers and ensure that all participating parties arrive on-site informed and ready to go. As the demand for services changes, integrated online platforms more readily prepare businesses to adapt to the new developments and upscale their workforce quickly and efficiently.

Below are Four Features Effective Contractor Management Solutions Should Have:

1. Manageable Deployment Time

Getting a contractor onsite is the name of the game, but there is more to that process than meets the eye. You want to be sure your business is sending the right contractor out for the job and as quickly as possible. Custom dispatch logic is made to ensure that the best servicer is dispatched for the job based on ranking, location, skills, capacity, and more. This dispatch service matches the contractor skills with the job and ensures compliance is followed. A scheduling system can also provide a map showing the location of each job, making it easy to see where travel time can be optimized.

2. Onboarding Made Easy

Onboarding can be monotonous and time consuming. Contractor configured profiles provide self-service options as a part of the onboarding process to help facilitate the gathering of basic information such as certification, insurance and tax information for review, eliminating errors and delays.

When you find a great contractor, you want to get them in the field as fast as possible. By combining the background check and drug testing you ensure customer safety and expedite your contractor’s onboarding process. Having a background check and drug testing completed also allows for complete confidence that the servicers can perform the exact work they are being tasked.

3. Accounting and Financials

Keeping your contractors happy includes making sure they are paid on time. Built in payments processing allows for immediate payments to be made for successfully processed claims through EFT. You are also able to customize communication preferences for notifications, claim status and payments. A Contractor Management Solution can also use a wizard based server to facilitate the gathering of basic information, such as insurance, and taxes for review. Combined with the personalized profile, financial information can be available in just one click.

4. Customer Satisfaction

Contractor workforce solutions should be designed with the end-customer in mind. The integration of dispatch management and a customer portal aims to make life easier for both management and the customer. The access to real-time communication and mobile functionality also makes it simple to have a transparent and efficient process for both parties. Contractor management solutions provide the ability to choose a third-party based on aspects like geography, skills, expertise and available time slots. Ensuring each contractor is the best fit for the job and that they arrive on time keeps customers happy, which in turn keeps the business going.

ServicePower’s contractor management software enables businesses to increase the efficiency of facility managers and contractors while also providing an exceptional user experience. Learn more about how ServicePower’s contractor management system is the best solution for your business and schedule a demo today.

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