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5 Technologies that Field Technicians Need to be 1st Class Techs

First Class is defined as a set of people or things grouped together as the best or of the best quality. I’m certain your intentions are always to provide white glove service but in the messy and complex world of field service, white glove service can be difficult to maintain. However, across a multitude of industries, labor forces, and services provided there are some consistent ways your organization can transform your techs into first class techs.

Aberdeen recently released a checklist to transform your techs into field service heroes. The checklist highlights how important technology and connectivity are. By utilizing technology your organization will gain more control over your circumstances to ensure your field technicians come prepared, arrive on time and with the right skills to become your customer’s hero. Here are 5 technologies that can help transform your technicians:


  • Smartphones are probably the most useful piece of technology that any field service technician can have on them. This mini computer that fits easily into their pockets packs a powerful punch. With mobile applications and access to field service management software, your field service technicians can easily update work orders, communicate with other techs on social media as well as people who work out of their base office. As useful as your personal smartphone is to you in your personal life, it’s just as valuable on the job for a field service technician.

Field Service Management Software

  • There is a huge variety in the types of field service management software that can really be useful to any business. See Field Technologies Software Selection Survival Guide to help determine which software is best for your organization. Field service management software can help greatly improve the productivity of your field technicians sometimes as much as 50%. You’ll want to be sure to select software, like ServicePower’s that can run on mobile devices as well. Field Service management software can help keep track of your technicians, allowing you to remotely diagnose vehicle problems and track where your technicians are. It can also help optimize routing for the technicians, allowing them to get to a customer faster which increases customer satisfaction.


  • Tablets are a great tool for field service technicians, as many offer the same perks as a laptop with much more portability. Tablets offer the same type of mobile applications as smartphones and will provides users with more space to work on when filling out customer work orders. Tablets also come in options that are consumer-grade as well as more rugged options for business that require it. There are constantly more and more apps being put out for tablets that help increase productivity and convenience for the technician.

Payment Processing

  • Thanks to the applications available for smartphones and tablets, customers can now enjoy the convenience of online payments. There are payment processors that allow technicians to create invoices and email it to the customer right away so that they can pay for the services online. This offers extra convenience that customers will enjoy and can encourage customer loyalty.

Mobile Printing

  • Mobile printing is a great new tool to help print out invoices on site, making everything more convenient for the technician and the customers. Mobile printers are built for the sake of being moved around and work much better than options that were previously used by technicians.

By utilizing these 5 technologies, you can greatly improve your field technician’s productivity, flexibility, and professionalism making your organization more successful in the long run. Consider adding these tools to truly help transform your technicians into first class technicians.

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