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5 Secret Ways to Save Money on Fleet Vehicles

I don’t pay full price for anything. You’ll often find me at the cash register pulling out some coupon I found somewhere. I’ve turned it into a fun game, how much money can I save. I’ve even got my family in on the fun. With online coupon codes readily available for anyone desiring to take the time to find them, paying full price on anything is just plain frivolous. Every dollar counts whether you’re saving on your dish soap or negotiating rates on fleet vehicles. The truth is, a little extra effort can offer you hundreds even thousands of dollars in savings. Buying fleet vehicles at a fair price doesn’t have to be a challenging endeavor. Here are 5 sure fire ways to save money on your next fleet vehicle purchase.

1.) Get a Fleet Card from the manufacturers

As a field service manager you can apply for a fleet number. A fleet number can allow you additional savings and discounts on your fleet vehicles. Each dealership has it own set of specifications, guidelines and requirements as to when and how the discounts or savings can be applied. It is always a good idea to research a little about the dealership you plan on working with. The fleet numbers can reward you with over hundreds of dollars in discounts for your next fleet vehicle purchase.

You can apply for a fleet card by going to the links below for the manufacturer you’re looking to purchase from.

GM -

Ford -

Toyota -

2.) Retail Incentives

If you can’t qualify for a fleet card, don’t worry; you can still take advantage of retail incentives. Retail incentives can fluctuate frequently and vary by location. Retail incentives are great because they won’t cost the dealer anything so its savings on top of the negotiated purchase price. You can search Edmunds for the latest retail incentives.

Edmunds -

3.) Negotiate up from the invoice

The listed price on fleet vehicles are just the price the dealership displays that will ensure they gain additional profits. Even though a number of fleet vehicles are sold at wholesale prices the dealerships tend to mark up these prices to better benefit themselves. For any fleet vehicle you are interested in purchasing you can ask for the invoice the dealership received for the vehicle. These invoices will clearly state how much they paid for the vehicle and give you a better starting price for your negotiations. Simplify the process by stating how much more you are willing to pay over the invoice price. You can end up saving thousands of dollars by working off invoice prices instead of the sticker or listed prices.

4.) Request the Dealer Fees to be waived

Dealer fees are always added into the retail price of a vehicle. These fees tend to cover cleaning and prepping the vehicle for your use. They also tend to add into these fees the cost of processing paperwork, back office work and a number of other minuet tasks. With other car dealerships these fees are just another way for the dealership to make a bigger profit on the cars they are selling. As a field service manager you should be able to ask the dealership to waive these fees. Many fleet vehicle dealerships tend to do this already but it is always a good thing to ask about. Waiving the dealer fees on fleet vehicles can cut your total price by a few hundred dollars.

5.) Order new and order volume

Ordering a new unit as opposed to order off the lot can save you a lot of money. Additionally if you are capable of buying volume, you have greater leverage to negotiate prices down. You may still be able to negotiate a deal where you can take delivery of the vehicles over time and still get the volume discount.

Don’t forget to search out component rebates on truck purchases. Component Rebates are discounts on special equipment added to the order. It may take some research to find out if there are any options that qualify, but it’s a great way to save on special equipment. GM, Ford and Chrysler offer programs with special discounts for truck purchases. These programs are in addition to fleet rebates and can offer you credit, cash back, upfits or gift cards for tool purchases.

Always remember, as a buyer you are coming from a position of strength and it’s up to you to do your research, find what your qualified for and negotiate the best rate possible. By doing so, you could end up only spending half of what you had planned on spending when purchasing your new fleet vehicles.

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