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Just as the world turns, so too does the field service industry continually evolve. In the past, field service was all about turning wrenches and increasing the bottom line, but as technology has automated many of the monotonous tasks that monopolized so much time previously, field service techincians and managers are now freed up to focus on what matters - the customer.

Over the past couple years, the analysts have been a harbinger of sorts, calling for the age of the customer experience and it appears that trend isn’t slowing anytime soon. In fact, with many companies making systematic changes in how they do business to enhance the customer experience, it’s now clear that the age of customer experience is no longer coming, it’s here.

Early adapters of this concept in the field service industry are settling in and starting to see the gains of their shift. This is creating buzz, prompting a mass onboarding of other companies that offer field services to gear up and create the perfect customer experience. These companies are accomplishing this shift several ways but here are few that will assist you in not getting left behind:

Mobile Tech Enablement

With mobile tech enablement, techs can now easily access the customer’s history, track and locate parts necessary for repair, as well as virtually collaborate with more experienced techs leading to less stress, higher first time fixes and ultimately happier customers.

Online Portals

Today’s customer is smart, they are accustomed to controlling their life virtually and they expect easy access to the service they need, when they need it. Therefore, many companies are opting to implement customer portals, like the one from ServicePower, which puts the power into the hands of your customers. 

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics offer field service managers a view into a probable future enabling them to modify their behavior to achieve their desired end. These analytics offer a wide variety of information that can enhance the customer experience.

So, whether you are just now hearing about the age of the customer experience or you have been tossing it around your mind for a while, it’s clear, enhanced customer experiences are where the field service industry is heading and it doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon.

ServicePower specializes in helping companies achieve an excellent customer experience. Request a call back from one of our customer experience experts at ServicePower to see how we can help you develop a top-notch service experience for your customers!

Kimberly Heuser | Service Power
Kimberly is a ServicePower's Marketing Program Manager. She is strong in marketing strategy, marketing campaign creation and management. Previously, Kimberly served as a Digital Project Manger at HSP Direct, a political fundraising company in which she created, implemented and managed digital marketing campaigns for politicians seeking office, large Political Action Committees and non-profit organizations. Prior to that, she owned a marketing and web design company where she developed and implemented marketing campaigns for radio networks, secondary education institutions, manufacturers, small businesses, online magazines and assisted local/international ministries with the development of their brand, web presence and marketing before moving to the Northern Virginia area. She also served as a Marketing Manager for several multi-million dollar distribution companies, where she worked with some of the largest household brands across the U.S. to create and launch marketing campaigns.
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