80% of the leading OEMs in North America count on the ServicePower to help them provide best in class service!

Field service organizations use the ServicePower mobile field management platform to optimize and schedule their own field resources, for a variety of job types, around the globe.

ServiceBroker provides the business rules and integrated communications with CRM, ERP, and B2C websites, to ensure the best use of employed resources and the right mix of 3rd party contractors and on demand technicians to meet seasonal demand fluctuations.

Using  Scheduling, Operations, Market and Mobility, OEMs achieve key performance indicators, through seamless, consistent service execution.  OEMs execute tight warranty and service contract claims validation and audit process, to ensure SCR management, controlled service costs, and fraud management across their product set.
 Our analytics tools provide a mechanism for continuous analysis and improvement across the entire field service organization. 
Our platform ensures OEMs reduce cost, increase margin, improve productivity and efficiency, while capitalizing on and improving customer service.

For more information about how our ServicePower can help manufacturers provide excellent service through a mix of field resources, click here.