Picking the Right Devices for Your Field Service Organization | ServicePower | Innovating Field Service

As technology has advanced over the past couple of years, field service organizations are faced with a new sort of dilemma – which devices are the right mobile devices to empower your field technicians with? There are so many mobile options out there today, so how do you know that the option you choose to fund is the right one?

One of the biggest mistakes an organization can make when evaluating device choices is getting bogged down off the bat in a technical comparison of which device can do what. An organization looking for a lasting and successful mobile strategy needs to define what a mobile device needs to do for you.


Field Service Travel Should Be More Than Just A to B | ServicePower | Innovating Field Service

On the road again… just can’t wait to get on the road again…

We’d like to imagine that your field techs hum this knowingly as they carry out their daily responsibilities, but maybe we are getting a bit carried away. Imaginative humor aside, the truth is, travel is a huge part of field service operations, and as such it is also a huge risk. Unlike in-office employees that organizations can keep a watchful eye on to essentially enforce productivity (which we assume was Marissa Mayer’s philosophy behind the Yahoo work-from-home ban), field employees are out in the world with expensive equipment, complex customers to satisfy, and many hours logged on the road and in traffic.


Not All Street Level Routing is Created Equally | ServicePower | Innovating Field Service

A while ago on our blog we published a piece explaining that all field service scheduling solutions were not created equally. We explained that while there are many marketing terms used to spin scheduling solutions to sound comprehensive and powerful, there are only a few on the market that offer true optimization for field service organizations. We have decided to create a series highlighting the concept that not all aspects of field service management solutions are created equally across the competitive landscape. Today we want to talk about street level routing.


Aberdeen- Mobility Must be at the Heart of Productivity and not a Tool for Distraction | ServicePower | Innovating Field Service

To be productive or check (personal) email one more time?

This dilemma often riddles many of us as we navigate our daily schedules in the advent of the smart phone and tablet which have become attached to our palms. But this is no longer just a concern for the business traveler who has to decide if he or she will take another break while waiting for that business flight back to the office.