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Aberdeen: M2M Remote Field Service

How Smart Is Your Service: Intelligent Machines Signal Resolution

How intelligent are the machines in your daily life? Does your TV recommend shows that you will like? Can your car adjust the side mirrors based on which family member is driving? These are just a couple of the ways in which technology has begun to customize experiences based on data captured from your personal use history.

This level of insight and intelligence has also begun to make a major impact in the business world. Aberdeen’s recent research on The State of Service Management: Outlook for 2013 (January 2013) highlighted that approximately one quarter of the Best-in-Class (24%) have prioritized remote and smart services to support the service organization. The increase of interest, if not implementation, of remote technology is not exciting because of the influx of more data at the fingertips of service teams. On the contrary, this use of machine to machine (M2M) and remote intelligence is important because the true value will come from what this technology enables.

  • Reactive service transforms into preventive maintenance. Half of the top performers (50%) sampled in Aberdeen’s Smart Machines Lead to Smarter Service: Remote Intelligence Signals Profitable Resolution (August 2013) have leveraged the information and intelligence from remote data to migrate to a preventive maintenance model. Also, nearly three fourths of top performers (71%) use remote data to trigger the scheduling of a preventive service visit. Organizations are no longer satisfied with the break / fix model of the past, and customers will not accept this reactive level of service.
  • Identification of new opportunities. Information must lead to action, otherwise it is wasted effort. Half of all top performers (50%) are using remote intelligence and M2M data to develop new services. These services are tailored to customer usage trends and help to continue to build value-added offerings that differentiate the service organization beyond just another commodity.

These new capabilities have not only driven new services, more predictive resolution, and some cost containment as a result of not needing to send out that additional truck roll, remote technology has also helped to drive some very key metrics for successful organizations. Top performing organizations in Aberdeen’s Remote Service report achieved higher asset availability, year over year improvements in mean time between failures, mean time to repair, and service revenue. In the past, the need to reduce service-related costs was the primary driver leading organizations to focus on remote service and M2M technology. But now, organizations have begun to look to remote technology to improve the customer experience, drive asset availability, and unearth new revenue streams. The Best-in-Class have clearly been able to reap these benefits and will only continue to expand the use of this technology to transform the service organization.

M2M and remote service are topics that continue to draw attention, specifically in regard to how these trends can provide additional revenue opportunities, improved resolution rates, and enhanced customer service. If you would like to learn more about the key trends in regard to remote service, please download Aberdeen’s current research on Smart Machines Lead to Smarter Service: Remote Intelligence Signals Profitable Resolution. This topic will also be highlighted at Aberdeen’s Upcoming Chief Service Officer Summit to be held in Boston October 22-23.

written by:

Aly Pinder, Senior Research Associate at Aberdeen Group

As a senior associate in the customer experience and service management practice, Aly Pinder Jr. researches and explores how service and manufacturing executives utilize technology and implement best practices to improve post-sales service and support processes. Through practitioner benchmarking and analysis of Aberdeen’s research database, he examines how Best-in-Class service organizations are reengineering their service chains for improved performance and increased profitability.

Aly’s coverage areas within the service space primarily cover the following topics on which he has written or co-authored over 40 research reports and bench marked more than 4,000 service executives in his four plus years with Aberdeen:

  • Field Service and Mobility
  • Service Parts Logistics
  • Warranty and Service Contract Management
  • Reverse Logistics

Follow Aly at: @Aberdeen_cesm, @Pinderjr

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