ServicePower’s team of service industry veterans have walked in your shoes. They’ve managed teams of employed and third party contracted labor, mixed together intelligently to achieve KPIs.

Using our mobile workforce management experience, let our experts help you achieve the best mix of employed versus third party labor. Take our best practices and learn how best to manage contractors and stay on top of potential fraud. Learn how important performance management plans really are to achieving your long term KPIs.

Service Channel Strategic Analysis

Our seasoned workforce management veterans, including those whom have managed third party contractor networks as well as large retail field service staffs, enable ServicePower to help you craft a strategic plan for mix labor channel resource use.

According to Aberdeen’s report, Field Service 2013: Workforce Management Guide, the top 3 field service complaints, are waiting too long for an appointment, field techs arriving late, and lack of first time resolution.

Relying on a single labor channel to provide adequate field resources doesn’t enable your field service organization to adapt quickly enough to control those service complaints.

Let our experts, using our forecasting and planning tools, help plan a mixture of field resources to achieve cost, margin, geography, cycle time, schedule adherence and customer satisfactions metrics.

Workforce Fraud Analysis

When incorporating third party contractors into your labor mix, it’s important to put the right tools in place to create a consistent customer experience, while also managing your service costs.  ServicePower’s workforce management software provides data to use in enforcing claiming logic and identifying potential issues, such as:

  • Repeated ‘same home’ jobs indicating fraudulent claims 
  • High percentage of repeat work
  • Labor only claims
  • Excessive part use
  • Excessive mileage charges
  • High percentage of customer education claims
  • Large claim dollars expended to few providers
  • Frequent rate increase requests
  • Higher than normal exchange rates
  • Installing parts that don’t belong a product

Using our planning and forecasting tool, ServiceStats, our expert statisticians provide a thorough analysis of your third party contractor network.  They also recommend claim edit validation and audits to identify and prevent future fraud. Put our detectives to work for you.

Performance Management

Once workforce management software is in place, and the correct labor mix is in place, performance management is the next essential step to the success of a field service organization. 

Successful performance management means accessing meaningful metrics, working across teams, and aligning execution to improve performance across the entire field service organization. 

The right people need to communicate the key messages from the metrics and implement change, using analytical information to drive continuous technician improvement, business productivity goals, and customer satisfaction. 

This is where the best organizations differentiate themselves. Let our team of experts help you craft a performance management plan that ensures your goals are met.


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