IoT Solutions

Field service for the connected home & enterprise

Proactive Service for the Connected Home

Implement a proactive service platform through monitoring and predictive maintenance.

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Proactive with Predictive

Proactive & Predictive

Use connected device data to identify prefailure conditions and deliver predictive maintenance
Eliminate Downtime

Eliminate Downtime

Streamline workflow using IoT device data to perform proactive maintenance before outages
Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

Dispatch the right technician with the right parts, tools & information for the right work order

Be One Step Ahead of Your Customers

Predict appliance failures, avoid issues through preemptive action, and boost FTFR by sending fully prepared technicians to the right jobs.

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Product Capabilities

Seamless Work Order Management
Integrated Warranty Entitlement
Real-time Status & Notifications
Integrate with Home Automation Hubs like Alexa and Google
Integrated Analytics & Dashboard
Pre-configured, Ad Hoc, and Custom Reports and Dashboards
Aggregate IoT with Field Service Data for Improved Analytics
API-ready for External Integration

Make IoT Enablement Appointments Easy

Get custom alerts, view real-time analytics data, generate insightful reports, and more to better service your IoT connected customers.

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